Kum Join Us club meets at Borchers church

By Karen Hendrix

For The Tribune

The Kum Join Us Extension Homemakers Club met March 7 at St. Paul Lutheran Church Borchers.

Our meeting was hosted by Carol Mansfield and her daughter, Karen Brigdon. We were lucky enough to also have a third generation from their family with us, Kayla. She is Karen’s daughter and the granddaughter of Carol. Kayla was home from college and also helped with the wonderful food that was served. We were very lucky to have three generations with us.

Before the meeting began, we partook in the most wonderful Hawaiian treats that Carol’s family enjoyed while living in Hawaii.

Strawberries and grapes were served with a scrumptious dipping sauce consisting of brown sugar and sour cream. It was an amazing combination.

Also served was Spam musubi. This is a popular rice, spam and seaweed snack that we enjoyed thoroughly. Hurricane popcorn, or Nori popcorn as some call it because of all of the chaotic flavors within one snack, was enjoyed by all throughout the meeting. It can be served hot or cold by just spraying the popcorn with butter, adding a tasty rice seasoning, topping it with a few toasted rice crackers and enjoy. The recipe can be found online with an interesting story about how it came about. They also served a delicious square cookie treat.

Olga Otte opened the meeting with our club creed and the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by this month’s roll call question, “What is your favorite color of the rainbow?” Green was the most popular with purple coming in a close second. There were eight members in attendance with Kayla Brigdon as our guest.

Karen Hendrix read the secretary’s report, and Michelle Wood gave the treasurer’s report. It was reported that all dues were received for the new year.

Plans for the upcoming district meeting being held March 21 were discussed, and several members volunteered to set up the event on the 20th.

The meeting will be held at Cornerstone Community Church, 1088 Sarasota Drive, Seymour, and is set to begin at 9:30 a.m. and last until approximately 2:30 p.m. Donna Cronk will be the guest speaker. A meal will be served by Pewter Hall, but anyone missing the March 10 deadline to pay for the meal is more than welcome to attend and bring a sack lunch.

Olga read from her Reader’s Digest on hero animals. It was a fun story on how smart our animals can be. Lulu the heifer and Hobbit the hotel cat saved lives during fires, while Curly and Candy, both rescue dogs, were wearing their thundershirts during a storm when Candy, the shy one, alerted their owner to a problem. Upon investigating, they found Curly’s thundershirt velcroed to the floor and Curly couldn’t move. Candy was Curly’s hero.

Discussions were discussed on the many ways scammers are trying to take advantage of us and many others. Members reported suspicious emails from utility companies, Amazon delivery texts confirming information and some even saying their accounts had been locked. Some even received phone calls from jail about a loved one. Please be alert and do not give out any pertinent information. Never open any emails you’re unsure of, and report any phishing scams. Most apps now have a support department to report these scams.

Carol gave our devotions from Isaiah 65:17-25: “Before they call, I will answer, while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” In this, Isaiah sketched out a vision of Jerusalem’s future with no fears, long lives, beautiful homes and bountiful harvests. The Lord would fulfill people’s desires before he was even asked. Isaiah made clear this was a vision of new heavens and a new earth, a future, not present but reality. These were words of comfort for a sad and depressed people. Things would get better someday. It was a vision to strive for, to pray for. Something God did promise, though not on a timetable. We are still waiting on the fulfillment of that dream. The question is how shall we live as we wait.

We closed with the prayer “God of hope, mkay I do my part to make your vision of a beautiful earth a reality.”

Anyone wishing to become a member of our homemakers club should contact the local IEHA office at 812-358-6101. The office can put you in touch with a club in your area.