Sauers E, Wegan W head into final week tied for first place

All season has been a battle between Sauers E and Wegan W for the top spot in the Lutheran Dartball League.

First, Sauers E was on a roll winning 27 games in a row. Then they hit a slump, and Wegan W got hot winning 17 of 18 games. On Monday, Wegan W lost two games to Immanuel 1, and Sauers E lost one game to the Pastors.

Now, they are tied for first place, and as if scripted by Hollywood, Sauers E plays Wegan W on the last night of the season this upcoming week.

Immanuel 1 kept a stronghold on third place by beating Wegan W two games. On what was the second-lowest scoring night of the year, hits were definitely hard to come by at Dudleytown.

Dudleytown N took two games from Borchers by scores of 1-2, 2-1 and 3-1. Dudleytown’s second board had Hayden Methodist facing the Dudleytown Mets. The wind was blowing in from the fences, and in a real pitcher’s duel, the Mets took two games from Hayden with scores of 3-2 in 10 innings, 1-2 and 3-2 in 20 innings. The 20 innings in a game and 39 innings on the night were both close to the records of 22 innings and 46 innings.

And in case you were wondering, Clayton Capes for Hayden hit his 10th home run of the year.

Dartball history: Next Monday, the 70th edition of the Lutheran Dartball League will come to an end. I’ll take this week to reflect on some single-season records that have been established over those years:

Highest score in a game: 32 runs by Wegan S in 1982-83.

Highest series in a night: 68 runs by Dudleytown Mets in 1983-84 (30, 16, 22).

Most runs scored in a season: 897 by Dudleytown Mets in 1984-85 (87 games).

Most wins in a season: 67 by Wegan S in 1982-83 (81 games).

Most losses in a season: 68 by Immanuel 3 in 1983-84 (16-68).

Highest runs/game average for a season: 10.92 by Wegan W in 1986-87.

Highest winning percentage: .921 by Sauers E in 2007-08.

Lowest winning percentage: .037 by Borchers B in 2006-07 (2-52).

Most shutouts in a season: 19 by Wegan A in 1998-99.

Longest winning streak: 38 games by Sauers E in 2007-08.

Longest losing streak: 34 games by Wegan A in 1998-99.

Most runs in a game combined scores: 40 in 1986-87 (Dudleytown Mets 22, Vallonia 18).

Most runs in a series combined scores: 90 in 1983-84 (Dudleytown Mets 68, Wegan E 22).

Most innings in a single game: 22 innings in 2003-04 (White Creek S vs Jonesville).

Most innings in a series: 46 innings in 2003-04 (Redeemer N vs Wegan E 17, 9, 20).

Largest margin of victory in a game: 30 runs in 1982-83 (Wegan S 32, Wegan E 2).

Largest losses in back-to-back games: 1982-83 Sauers E over Dudleytown Mets (26-5, 25-5).

Scores from week 18 in the Lutheran Dartball League.