Immanuel Darty sweeps first-place Sauers E, shortens gap in league standings

League-leading Sauers E took it on the chin from Immanuel Darty, losing all three 6-5, 2-1 and 2-1 in week 15 of the Lutheran Dartball League.

Their lead is down to two games over Wegan W, who took two games from Wegan C.

Immanuel 1 has sole possession of third place with a sweep of Dudleytown D. Dudleytown N swept Hayden Methodist 2-1, 4-0 and 2-1, giving Hayden the “Cold Hands” award with only two runs on the night.

White Creek N stays in the hunt for the league crown by winning two from the Pastors 5-4 and 5-3. However, in the second game, the Pastors got a great pitching effort, allowing White Creek only one hit for the game.

Dartball history facts and oddities:

1.) Throughout the 69 years of the dartball tourney, nine teams have failed to win a single game. Wegan A was in the league seven years and went 0-7 in the tourney. White Creek W and Columbus Yanks were both 0-5. Brownstown Evens, Clifty 1, Clifty 2, Columbus, Lutheran Lake and Redeemer G are the other teams who have not won a tourney game.

2.) Dudleytown N (‘55, ‘56, ‘58), Wegan S (‘73, ‘74, ‘76) and Sauers X (‘96, ‘97, ‘99) won the tourney three out of four consecutive years.

3.) Dudleytown teams have made it to the championship game of the tourney 11 times and have won the championship 10 of those times.

4.) In the eight-year stretch from 1975 to 1982, eight different teams won the championship.

5.) Twenty-five different teams have won the tourney. Sixteen different teams have won the league.

6.) Teams have won the league and the tourney in the same year nine times: Jonesville 1954, Brownstown 1 1963, Wegan E 1967, Wegan W 1980 and 1987, Dudleytown Mets 1995, Sauers X 1996, Borchers 2004 and Sauers E 2020.

7.) In 1957, the Columbus Reds won the tourney, scoring 54 runs in four games. Their opponents scored 35 runs in the four games. Both are record highs for runs scored by a winning team and runs scored against the champions.

8.) In 1962, Zion 2 won the tourney scoring 24 runs in five games. Their opponents scored 11 runs in the five games. Both are record lows for runs scored by winning team and runs scored against the winning team.

9.) In 1962, Zion 2 won the championship game 1-0. In 1969, Zion 2 won the championship game 2-0. Those two games rank No. 1 and 2 as the lowest scoring championship games in the tourney.

10.) In 1970, Dudleytown N finished 24-39 (.380) in the league to finish 20th out of 24 teams in the league and managed to win the tourney that year.

11.) In 2000, Sauers E won the championship game 13-0 versus White Creek S to record the largest victory in a championship game.

12.) In the 1956 tourney, Vallonia defeated Jonesville 34-22 for the highest scoring game all-time in the tourney. The following year, Vallonia again took out Jonesville, this time 22-8. Vallonia must have had a grudge against Jonesville.

13.) In 2018, the tourney had 16 games played with seven of the games shutouts.