Two outdoor venues approved for operation in Jackson County

The Jackson County Board of Zoning Appeals has approved two applicants’ petitions to host outdoor weddings, receptions and small private events on their properties.

During Tuesday’s meeting at the Jackson County Courthouse in Brownstown, each applicant had 20 minutes to present their petition to host events. Then the board provided a moment for anyone in the audience to voice support or opposition, and then the board made an objective decision based on the facts presented.

No one spoke in favor of or against the requests.

Now approved, both applicants will be able to begin operation.

Tiffany Johnson and Nick Goings, owners of Swifty Farms, 351 S. U.S. 31, Seymour, are currently planning a Derby Experience for the upcoming Kentucky Derby in May. The package includes a weekend package with provided transportation to and from the Oaks and the Derby, including eight Millionaire Row box tickets to the horse races.

Cat Kick is progressing through construction on the structures she will be using for smaller events, such as birthdays or graduations, in the 900 block of South County Road 350E, Brownstown.

“These places will be a nice addition to our town and bring in great tourism for Jackson County,” said Sherry Bridges, chairwoman of the BZA.