Trial scheduled for Medora man

A jury trial has been set for a Medora man accused of child solicitation in 2021.

Curtis James Imlay, 44, was booked into the Jackson County Jail in Brownstown at 5:06 p.m. Jan. 10 on a warrant or writ of attachment.

More than a week later, Jackson Circuit Court Judge Richard W. Poynter scheduled a pretrial conference for Imlay for 2:45 p.m. March 6 and a jury trial for 8:30 a.m. June 20. The court set Imlay’s bond at $4,000 cash only.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Officer Clint Burcham on Aug. 9, 2021, Detective Stan Darlage received a call from Child Protective Services Case Manager Jennifer Watkins around the last week of June that year saying she received a report from the CPS hotline that a female stated she was assaulted by Imlay when she was 15.

At the time of the call, the victim was in a group home in Fort Wayne, and the report was called in by her therapist. Darlage and Watkins agreed to have a forensic interviewer from the Allen County area speak with the female.

During that interview, the victim disclosed a sexual encounter that happened the prior year when she was 15 and believed the man was around 40. The interview was recorded, and the video was mailed to Darlage.

Upon his review, Darlage said the female told the forensic interviewer she lived in the Freetown area at the time of the incident. A guy, later identified as Imlay, was trying to get her friend to talk to him, but she didn’t want to do so, so the female messaged him on Facebook and told him that.

The victim said she and Imlay talked for a couple of days, and she found out he used drugs, so she asked him if he would pick her up so she could smoke methamphetamine, Darlage said in his report.

Around midnight, she left her home and arrived at a store in Freetown, and Imlay drove them out in the country and they went down a trail, where he provided meth and they both smoked it, the probable cause states.

Afterwards, Imlay drove them to a gas station in Brownstown, where he bought cigarettes for the girl, and then he drove to a church parking lot, where they smoked more meth and the girl said Imlay touched her breast. She told him to stop and he did, but he also unbuttoned her pants and told him she didn’t want to do that, and he stopped, according to the probable cause.

The girl told the interviewer she then gave Imlay oral sex, and afterwards, he dropped her off at the store in Freetown and she walked back home.

The teen said this was her first time smoking meth, and Imlay gave her too much, causing her to start hallucinating and going through withdrawals that caused her to fight with her mother, according to Darlage’s report. Ambulance personnel and police came to take her to the hospital, and it took them around 15 hours to get her stable, the victim said.

On Aug. 4, Burcham said he contacted the Jefferson County Jail in Madison to see if Imlay was still incarcerated there for pending sex offenses for contacting a girl who he believed to be 14 via Facebook Messenger.

When he learned Imlay was there, Burcham went there to interview him.

During the interview, Burcham received confirmation from Imlay that he was a registered sex offender in Jackson County, his address was in Medora and he was keeping in contact with Lt. Adam Nicholson, who oversees the sex offender registry for the county.

At first, Burcham said Imlay claimed he didn’t know the female accuser, and when Burcham mentioned the Facebook messages between the two, Imlay said he didn’t have the social media platform anymore, but he did a year ago. He also initially didn’t remember a girl messaging him about smoking meth, meeting her at the store, smoking meth or engaging in sexual activity.

Imlay told Burcham he had met up with a people a couple of times after talking on Facebook Messenger, and then he admitted to remembering meeting with the female, knowing she was 15 and smoking meth but denied anything sexual happening, Burcham said. Imlay claimed the girl wanted to get high and have sex with him, and he knew that prior to meeting her to go smoke meth, according to the probable cause.

Imlay admitted he knew what he did was wrong and he should have never done it, Burcham said.

Imlay also said there had been another time before this incident when arrangements were made for him to pick her up, but he never did, Burcham said.

After the interview, Imlay was turned back over to jail staff, and Burcham said he was going to request the prosecutor’s office to file charges of sexual misconduct with a minor, child solicitation, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and dealing in methamphetamine.