Sauers E, White Creek N sweep week 11 matchups to stay atop standings

The snowball rolling downhill continues as Sauers E swept Lutheran Lake for their 23rd win in a row. Their league lead is now four games with a record of 30-3.

White Creek N swept Redeemer N 6-0, 11-10 and 5-3 to remain in second place with a record of 26-7. White Creek N wins the hot hands award for scoring 22 runs.

Immanuel 1 won two games from Hayden 8-2 and 4-2 but lost the first game 4-1. In the first game, Immanuel 1 had the bases loaded in the eighth and ninth innings but couldn’t get the big hit to tie the game.

Dudleytown D won two games from Jonesville 6-5 and 8-3. Dudleytown lost the first game 3-2 in 13 innings. Cold hands for the week goes to Borchers who scored just five runs in their three games.

From Dartball History: For 15 years the league hosted a kick-off party for those who played the year before. The party was held in the fall before the league started and consisted of playing cards, darts and refreshments furnished by the league.

The first party was held at the Dudleytown Conservation Club in September 1955. The minutes from this meeting stated that no minors were allowed at the party because beer was being served.

The next year the party was moved to the Seymour Armory due to the growth of the league. Minutes from August 22, 1960 state that minors attending the party must be with their father or a responsible adult. The expense report from this era show that six kegs of beer were purchased for the kick-off party.

At a meeting March 8, 1963, Herb Trimpe, treasurer, reported that league funds were quickly dwindling. The following was decided: 1.) The $25 paid to the treasurer and secretary were dropped, 2.) Curtail expenses for the tourney, 3.) Eliminate beer from the kick-off party, and 4.) play a full schedule to increase revenue.

From the minutes of August 24, 1970, the league voted to drop the kick-off party due to rising costs.

Week 11 standings from the Lutheran Dartball League.