Sauers E surges to first place in Lutheran Dartball League after week six

Week five leader White Creek N played Borchers and lost two games to fall to second in the league at 14-4.

Sauers E scored 24 runs and swept Hayden Methodist to move into first place at 15-3.

Redeemer N swept Brownstown 4 to climb into a tie for second at 14-4. Dudleytown D and the Pastors played three close games with the Pastors winning a pair of 4-3 games and Dudleytown D winning 5-3.

Monday’s Cold Hands awards go to Immanuel Darty and Lutheran Lake, who scored a combined seven runs in the three games with Darty winning 2-1 and 3-0 and Lutheran Lake winning 1-0.

Through six weeks of league play, there have been 180 games played, and 126 of those games were decided by one run.

From dartball history: From the original five charter teams in the league in 1952, the league began to grow quickly. In 1953, the league added teams from Brownstown, Immanuel and Vallonia to make eight teams.

The following year brought a second team from Dudleytown, Brownstown and Sauers along with a new team from White Creek to make 12 teams. In 1955, the league added a second team from Immanuel and Redeemer and new teams from Columbus and Waymansville. In 1956, the league saw the addition of a second team from Columbus, a third team from Brownstown and Redeemer and a new team Cortland to make 20 teams.

The league grew to 24 teams in 1957 with a second team from White Creek, third teams from Columbus and Sauers and the addition of Clifty. In just six years, the league grew from five to 24 teams.

The most teams in the league was during the 1994-95 season with 33 teams competing in the league. With the attrition of older players and busy schedules, the league got down to 14 teams in 2015-16. In 70 years of the Lutheran Dartball League, it has averaged more than 23 teams per year.

Standings after week six of the Lutheran Dartball League.