Seymour schools’ technology director receives award

Brian Rodman recently was named the HECC Technology Director of the Year, which is a prestigious award for not only him but for the Seymour school district.

He was presented the award Nov. 10 in Indianapolis.

Each year, the Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators organization honors one individual in K-12 education for demonstrating a commitment to leadership with technology and learning for students and staff.

The Rodman family, from left, Jennifer Rodman, Matthew Rodman, Brian Rodman and Dawna Rodman. Brian Rodman, technology director for Seymour Community School Corp., was the recipient of this year’s HECC Technology Director of the Year award at a conference in Indianapolis on Nov. 10.

HECC is a member-driven organization that provides resources, networking, community and a yearly technology conference to its members who are teachers and technology professionals in K-12 school systems. HECC aims to be a resource to these technology professionals and teachers who want to utilize technology in schools and the classroom.

Rodman said he was shocked when they called his name for the award.

“I had no idea, and I honestly would not have gotten it without the support of everyone: My family, my technology ‘family’ and other school personnel,” he said. “I am hoping this award goes to show how great Seymour Community Schools are and how fortunate everyone should feel about being able to call Seymour home.”

Rodman started working for Seymour Community School Corp. in August 1997 as the technology director and has held that position ever since. Before that, he was a teacher in Gainesville, Florida.

“I applied for this job based on a very good friend, Randy Fife, who told me about this position when he came to visit my family back in 1997,” he said. “My family and I would not be here if it weren’t for Randy, so I owe a lot to him, and I also owe much of my success to Mrs. Lisa Ferguson.”

Rodman said Ferguson came to Seymour schools a year after he did, and she has provided him with so much guidance and direction. Ferguson is now an assistant superintendent for SCSC.

“We have accomplished a lot over our 25 years together, and I have always felt the curriculum should dictate the direction of technology, not the other way around,” he said.

Rodman said he has seen the job grow immensely over his 26 years with Seymour schools.

“I have a technology department that has grown from two technicians to currently a department of 10 people,” he said. “I am deeply involved in aligning the technology with the curricular needs of Seymour Community Schools, and honestly, there isn’t much that happens in a school system anymore that doesn’t involve technology.”

He said he believes in this community and what it has done for him and his family over the past 26 years.

“I believe that if I suffered a cut, I would bleed purple, and in getting this award, I told the audience that I have been blessed to have the job that I always wanted,” Rodman said. “I am actually planning on retiring in July 2023, and after 41 years in education, I think it is time that I see some of this country and look forward to spending time with my wife, three children and my four grandchildren.”

Rodman married his wife, Dawna, in 1982 and they have three children, Matthew, Sarah and Jennifer.

Ferguson said Rodman deserves recognition for his leadership, dedication, care and commitment to excellence.

“He is an individual of conviction that leads not only the technology team but is a crucial player on all district initiatives,” Ferguson said. “He spends countless hours beyond contracted time to make sure our systems and staff are prepared to support the needs of students and all users in our district.”

She said he cares about the staff, students and parents and is a problem solver with tenacity and perseverance.

“During the changes to the educational landscape, Brian Rodman has been on the front lines for our staff and students presenting options, supports and new paths to provide opportunities for learning,” Ferguson said. “He stood out in the rain and wind to offer a helping hand to parents with defective devices by offering repair depots every Wednesday during COVID shutdown.”

She said Rodman is above all an educator, and he has a heart for students and staff.

“He listens to requests, researches solutions and provides tools to accomplish goals, he finds joy in his work and those he works with, his sense of humor is delightful and he is a team player,” Ferguson said. “On a personal note, Brian Rodman is a true friend and professional. He cares. He has that quality that makes you want to contribute, to be a better person and so many try, but Brian Rodman makes a difference every day.”

Shawn Mahoney, technology integration specialist for SCSC, said it has been a joy to serve under the leadership of Rodman, and he has had the privilege of working with him for more than 21 years and has seen his dedication and commitment to Seymour Community Schools students and staff remain consistent.

“He is an educator at heart and leads by example,” Mahoney said. “Brian has always based his decisions on what is best for Seymour Community Schools. Although an advocate for technology, he has often stated the most valuable asset we can place in classrooms is the teacher.”

He said Rodman’s character and drive for excellence have been consistently demonstrated for 25 years.

“He has always placed the needs of Seymour Community Schools first and leads by example, and he is a man of integrity, respect and hard work,” he said.

Mahoney said Rodman has been a mentor to many administrators and a trusted friend.

“He has worked hard in preparing our department to run well after he retires, and the next director of technology for Seymour schools is inheriting a well-trained team that functions as a family,” he said. “We will surely miss our leader, mentor and dear friend. It has been an honor to serve with him.”