BCCSC honors Braves of the Month

BROWNSTOWN — The Brownstown Central Community School Corp. board of school trustees recently recognized the Braves of the Month for October.

Fifth-grader Crayton Hanner was selected as Little Brave of the Month for Brownstown Elementary School. He was selected by his teacher, Mary Cobb, because of his excellent character, Principal Marty Young said during Tuesday’s board meeting.

“Crayton Hanner exemplifies good character in every way,” Cobb wrote. “He has a heart of gold. He cares about everyone and everything and is always worried about others and their needs. Not only is he caring, but he shows respect to students and staff in everything he does and says. Furthermore, he is honest to a fault and responsible in all choices that he makes. I am proud of Crayton Hanner representing the students of Brownstown Elementary.”

Young said Hanner is a wonderful student to be around.

“Any time I get to spend time with Crayton, he impresses me with his actions,” Young said.

Eighth-grader Eli Crockett was selected as Brownstown Central Middle School Brave of the Month for the effort and dedication he has displayed in the school’s library.

“Eli’s an absolute model student and a teacher’s pleasure to have in the classroom,” Principal Doug McClure said in reading the nomination letter.

“He’s a responsible student with tremendous work ethic, settling for nothing but his best effort,” the letter reads. “Since his sixth grade year, Eli has been a diligent and hard worker in the library. He is self-motivated and never has to be told that a task needs to be done. He is an exceptional leader, one whose wide-ranging interests have seen him read books from nearly every genre in our library.”

Junior Emilee Ault was selected by the Brownstown Central High School social studies department as Brave of the Month for her hard work in class and consistently positive attitude, Principal Joe Sheffer said.

“She has consistently been one of the top students in world history, AP world history and AP U.S. history for the past few years,” the nomination letter reads. “Emilee exemplifies a positive, can-do attitude in every task assigned to her and always arrives to class with a smile on her face. Thank you, Emilee, for being an exemplary student and a role model to your fellow students.”