Powered paragliding fly-in set this weekend in Seymour

Clear Sky’s PPG will host a fly-in from Friday to Sunday at the remote-control flying field off of North A Avenue in the Freeman Field Industrial Park on the far west side of Seymour.

During this time, powered paragliding pilots from Seymour and states away will converge on the city.

They will fly during the prime hours, which are early morning and two hours before sunset (5 to 7 p.m.). They will be flying all over Jackson County. There are acrobatic pilots who do tricks, like barrel rolls, in the air, so the public should not be alarmed.

The public is welcome to come and spectate at this event, being coined the Clear Sky’s Para-Treat fly-in with a Halloween theme. There will be bleachers set up at the end of the runway.

All proceeds from the event will go to the Humane Society of Jackson County.

“We are excited to have them in Seymour and plan to show them all the best places to dine while they are here,” local powered paraglider Kendra Zumhingst said.

Clear Sky’s PPG is a father-son duo, Richard Turner and Richard Turner Jr., who are both U.S. Powered Paragliding Association certified trainers, tandem exempt certified and tow instruction certified who provide flight instruction, airspace and classroom training. They are members of the USPPA and together have amassed hundreds of flight hours in the sky.

For information, visit facebook.com/indianappg.