Friends and Neighbors club meets at Cornerstone

Nine members of Friends and Neighbors Home Extension Club met Sept. 27 at Cornerstone Community Church in Seymour.

President Ruby Niccum called the meeting to order. Ruth Bateman, devotional leader, led the group in reading “Collect” by Mary Stewart.

Charlotte Lovegrove led in singing “Bless Be the Tie.” Several individuals reflected on what this song meant to them.

Lovegrove then asked if anyone knew what ZIP stood for.

Secretary Helen Lutes took the roll call with everyone giving their first favorite book. Donna Abner presented the treasurer’s report.

Niccum reported on attending the Bedford District fall meeting Aug. 17, where she won the door prize. She then went over the club’s meeting schedules for the rest of the year.

Lovegrove then revealed that ZIP stands for “Zone Improvement Plan.”

Niccum and Lovegrove demonstrated how to make pocket hearts. Members worked on making their “hearts” for the remainder of the meeting.

Lutes furnished apple cider and snacks.

A previous meeting in August found the Friends and Neighbors members at Cortland Diner, followed by a short business meeting.

Then they toured Little Lavender Place, owned by Tom and Tina Hoene. It’s a great place to relax, enjoy the view and learn about lavender.