Company donates grain bin rescue system to fire department

Benson Hill recently donated The Great Wall of Rescue grain bin rescue system and accessories to the Hamilton Township Volunteer Fire Department.

This system includes panels that are used to build a wall, or tube, around a person who is trapped in grain.

It also includes platforms to provide a sturdy base for rescuers, an auger to remove the grain from around the victim after the walls are in place, an insertion step that is used to push the panels in place that also can be used to help the victim climb out of the grain and a removal pipe that is used to help support the victim and remove the panels after the rescue is complete.

“Hamilton Township is a rural farming community. There are multiple large grain storage/processing sites in Hamilton Township along with countless farms that have their own grain storage on the farm,” Fire Chief Cody Hercamp said. “Although the frequency of grain rescues is low, the risks for the victim and rescuers are high. By having this equipment in Hamilton Township, it ensures that there is a faster and more efficient response to these emergencies.”

Hercamp said Benson Hill is a great community partner.

“We want to thank them for their support and generosity to not only Hamilton Township Volunteer Fire Department but the community in general as this donation will help anyone in need of this type of rescue,” he said.