Our nation is under siege by deception and perversion

To the editor:

(A reponse to “Next Year’s Jackson County Fair Queen,” written by Alan Winslow and published in The Tribune on Aug. 20).

I read this article and was initially intrigued. But the more I read, the less intrigued I became. Since then, I have been watching for a pastor or church leader or someone to respond to this article, and as of the time of my writing this (the week of Aug. 21), I have not seen a response.

So, Mr. Winslow, as you so eloquently put it, “Isn’t it time and our turn to step and unite with the good for America?” So here I am stepping up, but not likely in the way you wanted. I am not a church leader or anyone important in the eyes of the world but felt a response needed to be written. I am certainly not as eloquent a writer or even a speaker, as I am confident, as Mr. Winslow.

The article made my heart sick. I realize that some have decided that they are like God and can decide for themselves what and who they are going to be: That is male, female, it, they, them, maybe even a dog, cat, bird or whatever their mind decides. And then I am required to agree with their decision. This is called progression and liberty by these experts.

My response: Our nation is under siege by deception and perversion. When I look at a picture of Mr. Winslow, I could tell he was not a young man and likely raised as a male and not raised to believe there were many genders. But now, he sees this as progression and enlightenment. I believe God created man and woman (Genesis 1:2). He did not put a man in a woman’s body. He was not undecided or confused about who you were or meant to be. He makes no mistakes. You can believe in God or not, but your belief does not change truth.

Our minds are wonderfully made by the almighty God, but he does not control our minds or thoughts (Matthew 9:4). We know and probably have experienced our imaginations can lead us to some very dark places. Many now have been deceived to believe there are many genders, but that does not make it true.

Thankfully, I was born in a country where Mr. Winslow and myself can still speak what we each believe. From where I stand now and look around, our freedoms are rapidly going away, but for now and always, I will stand for truth and for God. My hope is in God almighty, and I will not be persuaded to believe a lie. It is my hope and prayer that you will not let a political party, an organization or a person take away your right to think for yourself and question your identity. Be who God created you to be. Fear not and be courageous.

Yes, Mr. Winslow, it is time to step up, unite and open our hearts and minds to truth. It is my hope that next year’s Jackson County Fair queen will be a beautiful young, not a drag queen or it, he, she, them, they, etc…

I will close with this — with love and prayers for Seymour and for our nation.

Glenda Wendling, Seymour