America is at a moral crossroad


To the editor:

America is at a moral crisis crossroad. The streets of our cities are like a war zone, the abuse of high-powered weapons by individuals is rampant and we are torn apart by moral issues like abortion, marriage rights or gender definitions.. The list could continue forever.

Historically, when the nation is facing a crisis of any kind, there is a noticeable increase in worship and church attendance. The COVID-19 pandemic has been different. Churches were forced to reconsider how best to safely serve their communities. The current moral crisis is different. Rather than an increase at Sunday worship, reports seem to indicate church attendance has plateaued at about two-thirds of pre-COVID levels. It is little wonder that our moral focus is shifting.

Regular attendance in our houses of worship along with regular reading of scripture are strong influences of moral direction. As I grew up and raised a family, regular Sunday worship was never questioned. It is difficult to understand how the current generation doesn’t seek the moral guidance freely given to those who reverently seek it out.

Being raised in the Christian faith, it is easy to investigate our Bible to understand what is moral and right. There is direct guidance and comparison of moral and what is condemned, guidance as to whom the Lord will consider righteous and those who will be cast out at the great and final judgment.

The gospel of John along with all scripture points to the divinity of Jesus the Christ as the one sent by God the Father to save his creation. Our savior strongly admonished his followers to live moral and righteous lives and to individually reject evil while at the same time not to judge or condemn those who choose not to follow him. Jesus said he came to save, not to judge and condemn. That judgment will only come at the end time in the great final judgment of all.

Today, we have many eastern, western and middle eastern religions. If we ever choose to rise above the moral crisis we are in, we must all bow in submission to God. We must pray for wisdom and guidance as our hearts are led. All faiths have similar understanding as to what is accepted as moral and righteous.

As a nation, let’s all return to our houses of worship and pray for America.

William Gerhard, Scipio

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