Recent SHS graduate preparing for life as a Marine

While many schools are having their summer break and students are enjoying their time away from class, one Seymour High School Class of 2022 graduate is preparing for life in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Landon Johnson is undergoing physical training and working out to get ready for boot camp later this month.

He graduated from high school June 5 but was sworn into the Marine Corps on May 14.

On June 26, Johnson leaves for boot camp in San Diego, California.

“I’ve been in Seymour my whole life,” he said. “It’s like a mixture of nervousness and excitement (to leave Seymour).”

His interest in joining the Marines started last December because it allows him to have better opportunities for his future career, Johnson said.

He said wants to work in law after his time in the Marines.

Since he was sworn in, Johnson said he has enjoyed getting ready to leave, and his recruiter has told him that he’s seeing progress in his training.

He said one thing he is looking forward to the most about boot camp is meeting other people.

Every month, there has been a statewide social for Marines to attend, and Johnson said he has enjoyed going to it and meeting other people who are enlisted.

In the time Johnson had decided to join the Marines, he said his family and friends have been supportive of him.

Angela Johnson, his mother, said she is ultimately proud of him even though she was initially worried about his pursuits.

“When he first told us that we were going, I was of course worried and upset,” she said. “I think that’s what every mom feels, but I don’t want to deprive him from his future plans and goals. I’m always going to support him no matter what he does.”

Johnson’s boot camp is expected to end in September, and his family plans on traveling to California to see his graduation.

Before he leaves, his family is planning a cookout with friends and family.