Jackson County United Way Day of Caring appreciated

Oh, what a wonderful day it was when once again the Day of Caring descended upon the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts grounds. It is always a day of hard work, but everyone seems to enjoy it. I have volunteered now for 31 years out there and most of those years the Day of Caring always comes through with a wonderful group of volunteers. Several organizations over the years have taken part but the wonderful Cummins gang have carried it out for the last several years.

For most years they have done inside painting as well as landscaping. Years ago, the fence around the area was erected, other years the crafts barn was water sealed and other years the Print Shop Museum got its coat of water seal. They put together the metal tool shed and laid the steppingstone pathway through the Minutes to Memory Garden. Every year the gangs pitched in to get it done and done right.

The other day a new rail fence replaced the falling down one. It’s beautiful. New picnic tables were assembled and the painting continued inside the Art Center. WOW!! They raked up all the trimmings that I had done earlier. Some have returned on their own to plant flowers and help with the weeding. The garden is starting to perk up.

Regrettably, we have lost some of our old trees. One was six feet in diameter. But we still have plenty more. The peaceful grounds are always a place to spend some quality time. It is a place to bring your lunch, have a picnic, sit on a blanket and read a book, enjoy our feisty squirrels. Have me give you a tour of the Museum of Antique Printing, or better yet, let me teach you how to set type for a project. Come out on Saturday and have Betty get your hands in the clay in the Pottery Barn. What a way to relax.

And what a way to spend your retirement. If you like flowers but don’t have a place for them, then volunteer to plant them in the garden here at the Art Center. My old knees don’t get down much anymore and there are always weeds to pull. You would be welcomed with open arms. I’m here most afternoons but if not just make yourself at home. It’s yours to enjoy.

Again, thanks to the Day of Caring committee and all the wonderful volunteers over the many years. Its help make the Sothern Indiana Center for the Arts one of the gems of your community. Enjoy!