Brownstown Students of the Month recognized

By Zach Spicer | The Tribune

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BROWNSTOWN — Brownstown Central Community School Corp. has announced its most recent Student of the Month honorees.

Fifth-grader Nolan Nehrt and sixth-grader Khloe Caudill were able to attend Tuesday night’s board of school trustees meeting at the administration office with their family members to be recognized and receive a certificate. Junior Camryn Thompson, however, wasn’t able to be there due to competing in the Mid-Southern Conference girls track and field meet in Corydon.

Nehrt, a student in Mary Cobb’s class at Brownstown Elementary School, was selected Little Brave of the Month for most athletic by physical education teacher Jennifer Schneider.

“Nolan is competitive and works very hard when it comes to physical education, fitness and sports,” Principal Chrystal Street said in sharing Schneider’s comments.

“He always strives to make himself better. He has a great sense of humor and positive attitude, which makes him a fun addition to the class and a good teammate to others,” Schneider wrote. “I have enjoyed having him in elementary school, and I know he will go on to accomplish great things. Congratulations, Nolan. Best wishes to you in all of your future endeavors.”

Brownstown Central Middle School sixth grade teachers chose Caudill for the honor.

“Although we gained Khloe as a student in January, she fit in like she has been here since August,” Principal Doug McClure said in reading the teachers’ nomination letter.

“She quickly became a leader in the classroom and excelled in all of her subjects,” they wrote. “In the classroom, she is focused, ready at all times and always uses her time wisely. She pays attention in class, actively participates in class discussions and is a great role model for her peers.”

Caudill met the Accelerated Reader requirement when she moved in halfway through the trimester in less than a week and has been on level each grading period.

“This demonstrates her growth mindset attitude,” the teachers wrote. “Even though there are times that she doesn’t always enjoy what we are doing, she readily accepts that she has to buckle down and get it done. She interacts on a mature level with both students and adults.”

Caudill also joined the middle school tennis team and has excelled as a student-athlete.

“It has been a pleasure getting to know and teach Khloe, and it is our privilege to recognize her with this honor,” the teachers said.

Thompson was selected Brownstown Central High School Student of the Month for the English department.

“Camryn exhibits the traits maturity, respect, diligence, integrity, humility and work ethic recognized by an ideal model student and Brave of the Month,” Principal Joe Sheffer said in sharing the teachers’ comments.

Sheffer said Thompson asked him to share her thoughts with the school board since she couldn’t be at the meeting.

“Thank you to the teachers, staff and school for their leadership in assisting me to help me grow not only as a student but as an individual,” she wrote. “Without the influence, encouragement and leadership of adults in our building, I would not be the young woman I am today. It is an honor to be chosen as a representative for high school Student of the Month.”