Time to pause and give thanks

To the editor:

The Russian war in the Ukraine could be a wakeup call for the horrors of war.

The warm morning sun, with the bright colored fragrant flowers of spring are a sprit lifter to raise our awareness of the good all-around us in spite of the ugly reports on the news. In our communities here we have the horror of drugs, we witness daily on TV the violence and murders in the cities. Outside of the Ukraine we see internal strife and civil war. There is the ongoing struggle between Israel and Palestine, civil strife in Yemeni and the Arab emirates, civil war in Ethiopia and the Tigray area, ethnic struggles in Dufur in Africa and in Asia.

All the while we wake each morning to the peace and relative security of southern Indiana. We need to pause our busy lives look to heaven and all around us and give thanks. Our children can safely play out of doors in our yard and with neighborhood children. We enjoy good schools. We don’t live in fear with a need to put bars on our windows and doors. We have an abundance of clean water and food, and we move about freely without fear.

So, take a moment to stop and think about when was the last time you attended church and gave thanks to God for this great land and your prosperous life.

William Gerhard, Scipio