Spring reveals nature’s symphony of resilience and renewal


Resilience, that’s a big word. In general, it can be defined as the ability to recover, or spring back from change (typically difficult ones).

Nature demonstrates resiliency when we take part in her symphony of resilience and renewal. Each season, likened to a movement in a symphony, has a different melody that reflects its theme.

The first movement, spring, is that of resilience and renewal. During spring, we notice the ways in which organisms, communities and ecosystems awaken in response to winter’s harshness. Part of nature’s ability to recover or spring back from winter (movement four) is in its preparations during autumn (movement three).

This first movement of Nature’s Symphony is a time when we also demonstrate resilience and renewal when we “spring back” from winter’s cold and darkness.

As the daylight lengthens, we begin to see trees budding out, grass greening, birds singing, flowers emerging and bees buzzing. The warmed soil giving rise to the awakened metabolisms of microbes and other soil organisms, adds to the distinct scent of spring.

This organic symphony lights the senses giving us feelings of peace and renewal in much the same way as the neurotransmitter, serotonin, provides the runner’s “high.” As we become those “busy little bees” in spring, we cannot help but think and feel a sense of rejuvenation in our new spring moods and thoughts. We tap our toes in tempo to nature’s resilient masterpiece.

Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, composed four concertos, called “The Four Seasons.” The proceedings of the events during each season inspired Vivaldi to write these concertos. Spring is the first of his four concertos. Why did Vivaldi start with spring? Life begins anew in spring. As you listen to spring, you cannot help but feel his symbolism of nature’s renewal in musical form. Keep listening and close your eyes, imagining the melodic events as spring progresses to summer. You transform as you become a part of his concerto and the first movement of Nature’s Symphony.

This spring, find a place outside in nature, where you can become a part of Nature’s Symphony of Resilience and Renewal.

Close your eyes as you quietly listen to Vivaldi’s “Spring concerto.:

Let your senses take in the surroundings as you bathe in the aura of spring. Following Vivaldi’s concerto, listen to the irst movement of Nature’s Symphony and ponder your own resilience and renewal.

Write your own spring concerto as you “spring back” from winter’s bleakness. See where it takes you.

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