Crothersville plans school auction of surplus property

CROTHERSVILLE — As Crothersville Community School Corp. Interim Superintendent Rob Hooker has gotten familiar with the property and buildings, he noticed it has been awhile since items had been declared surplus property.

During a recent board of education meeting, he told trustees and the public state code lays out a process to legally dispose of the surplus property.

“Basically, the board would approve the list of any items that are declared disposable, and then at that point, they can sell them via auction, on the internet or truck it off to the salvage yard, depending on what it is,” Hooker said.

He said most places like to give the public the opportunity to buy something back that they initially paid for via property taxes.

“Usually, the materials or items are not that valuable,” he said. “We’ve done a decent job of rearranging space in the bus barn. We just have a lot of old equipment that needs to be sold or disposed of or salvaged off after 20 years.”

The corporation would pay to advertise the auction and hire an auctioneer, who would receive a percentage.

Hooker said he would seek quotes from auctioneers and bring those back to the board during an upcoming meeting.

Speaking of meetings, the board changed its meeting time to 7 p.m. in February — an hour later than in years past — and plans to continue that on the second Monday of each month at the central administration building, 201 S. Preston St., Crothersville.

Hooker said as the board continues the process of interviewing candidates for the superintendent position, it may need to schedule additional meetings. Interviews are conducted during executive sessions, which are closed to the public and press.

Before and after the February meeting, the board met in executive session. Any other executive meetings called by the board will be announced by the corporation and shared with local media so they can advertise the information.

The corporation also sends notices of public meetings to the press. The next regular monthly meeting is set for 7 p.m. March 14.

When the board decides action needs to be taken to hire a new superintendent, the information about a public meeting also would be announced.