Brownstown Students of the Month recognized

BROWNSTOWN — Three Brownstown Central Community School Corp. students were recognized during Monday night’s board of school trustees meeting.

Fifth-grader Lucas McPike, eighth-grader Collin Downing and senior Kelsey Wischmeier are the latest Students of the Month.

McPike was chosen Little Brave of the Month for reading by his teacher, Jamie Temple.

“He can always be found reading something in and around the classroom,” Brownstown Elementary School Principal Chrystal Street said in sharing Temple’s comments.

“Big chapter books seem to be his new favorite, as he just started reading a new Harry Potter book,” Temple wrote. “When you see him reading, you can always tell that he puts himself totally into the book. It can sometimes take a couple check-ins with him to get him back with us in the classroom because he’s so engaged in his reading. I always hate interrupting him when he’s in his reading zone. I hope he continues to keep this love of reading he has already acquired.”

The Brownstown Central Middle School eighth grade teachers said they couldn’t find anyone who displays the three Rs — respect, responsibility and resourcefulness — more than Downing, so that’s why they chose him for the honor.

“Collin has a true desire for his education and cares immensely about his grades,” Principal Doug McClure said in reading the teachers’ nomination letter.

“Collin doesn’t draw attention to himself, but he does what needs to be done without needing praise or attention,” they wrote. “Even when he missed school, he did not miss a beat, completing his work and turning it in on time. Collin always brings a positive attitude to the classroom. Teachers also appreciate his participation and comments that he brings that make for a more enjoyable learning environment.”

Along with being successful in the classroom, the teachers said Downing excels on the golf course and puts in a lot of extra time and effort to try to help his teammates, and he takes great pride and responsibility in showing sheep.

McClure said when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools from March to May 2020, Downing was the BCMS respect award winner for the sixth grade class.

“When I met with him to congratulate him on being selected as Brave of the Month, I just reminded him how proud I was of him two years ago for that award,” McClure said. “Mr. (Joe) Sheffer is getting another fantastic student next year (at the high school).”

Wischmeier was chosen Student of the Month by the Brownstown Central High School mathematics department.

“Kelsey is motivated, reliable, self-disciplined and conscientious in her mathematics studies,” Sheffer said in sharing the teachers’ comments. “Her work is well-prepared and demonstrates her careful thought and determination to succeed. She is truly intrigued about how different math concepts fit together and is not satisfied with being told that something isn’t true. She strives to look at each problem at every angle and analyze every situation.”

With Wischmeier being an extremely focused and hardworking young woman, the teachers said those outstanding attributes will help her be successful in whatever field she chooses to study and be a great asset to the school and community.