Paulo Freitas Rust


Paulo Freitas Rust, 32, passed away in a tragic airplane accident near Philadelphia, Paraguay Friday afternoon, December third. Services were held in Asuncion, Paraguay on December fifth.

Born on July 19th, 1989, Paulo graduated from Munich International School in 2007. He also graduated from Cornell University in 2011.

Although Paulo’s life was cut short, he lived it to the fullest. He loved to travel and build real connections with people. Sharing stories, laughter and gifts everywhere he went. His legacy is the lasting connection he leaves between all the people he encountered in various corners of the world.

From a young age Paulo loved the natural world around him. In his life he planted thousands of trees and nurtured back to health almost every type of animal he encountered from Indiana to Paraguay. He is truly an eternal steward of the land.

Survived by his parents James Paul and Ana Cristina Freitas Rust as well as his three sisters, Laura Freitas Rust (Adriano Curvo), Renée Freitas Rust (Khalid Barghouti), and Júlia Freitas Rust and his brother, Marko Freitas Rust.

Always a son, brother, relative, but above all a lover and a friend. Notice not only his absence but cherish his memory as he returns to the Watchmakers care.

“Every day is a chance to do whatever you want… SO WHY DON’T YOU?” – Paulo Freitas Rust.