Jennings County Kart Track names 2021 champions

By James Essex

The Jennings County Kart Track, which conducts events at the Jennings County 4-H Fairgrounds in North Vernon, has announced its division champions for 2021:

Youth Champs: 1. Connor Perry; 2. Chance Carr; 3. Sawyer Bohall; 4. Mikey Payne; 5. Caden Puckett; 6. Ari Hicks; 7. Hunter Collins.

Junior Champs: 1. Layden Burton; 2. Daniel Cloud; 3. Destiny Harris; 4. Ryker Williams; 5. Tyson Mulvaney; 5. Macy Staton; 5. Addie Stitsworth; 8. Mason Issak; 9. Brantley Henderson.

RWYB: 1. Colton Aldridge 2. Derek Franks; 2. Doug Perry; 3. Clayton Howard; 4. Josh Cash; 5 (tie) Zayden Jameson and Jarad Combs; 7. Kyle Willis; 8. Aaron Fields.

Rookies: 1. Connor Perry; 2. Macy Staton; 3. Maverick Brison; 4. Raelynn Kramer; 5. Jameson Clark; 6. Jake Hudak; 6. Karter Headlee; 8 (tie) Kamden Fields and Wyatt McKittrick; 10. Grant McKittrick.

Purestock Predator: 1. Calli Lucas; 2. Chris Rose; 3. Troy Cowan; 3. Nathan Sipes; 4. Brandon Lange; 5. Raymond Howard; 6. Ron Sipes; 7. Eddie Foley; 8. Lane Kelley; 9. Chris Lange; 10. William Burton; 11. Terry Turner; 12. Chris Buchanon; 13. Dillon Sullivan; 13. Jeremy Cowan; 15. Frankie Poole; 16. Chip Stitsworth; 16. Colby King; 17. Jarret Focht; 18. Carrie Turner.

JR 1: 1. Ayden Rudicel; 2. Conner Smith; 3. Maddi Morgan; 4. Zach Roell; 5. Brooklyn Summers; 6. Mason Buylor; 7. Lynx Lawson; 8. Easton McKittrick; 9. Jentry Cash; 10. Keygun Headlee; 11. Macy Staton.

SR Champs: 1. Robert Doyle; 2. Hank Conner; 3. Jeff Harris; 4. Terry Mahoney; 5. Bella Deckard.

Limited Open: 1. Leroy Blevins; 2 (tie) Gary Burton and Daniel Michels; 4 (tie) Scott Willis and Josh Jameson.

JR 2: 1. Matthew Baylor; 2. Jake Roell; 3. Jacob Chadd; 4. Bradley Brown; 5. Hunter Bryant; 6. Zane Riley; 7. Blake Robertson; 8. Corbin; 9. Tyler McCloud; 10. Joseen Acton; 11. Alexis Bishop.

Flatheads: 1. Troy Neal; 2. Colton Lucas; 3. Eddie Foley; 4. J.D. Roberts; 5. Jeff Farmer; 6. (tie) Terry Turner and Travis Wilburn, 8. Brett Barger and Jordon Arnholt, 10. Carrie Turner.

JR 3: 1. Ricky Bernard, 2. Elijah Knoke, 3. Jacobi Clark, 4. Keith Sinkhorn, 5. Jakob Peelman, 5. Brady Godwin, 7. Asa Durham-Scott, 8. Destiny Harris, 9. Blake Robertson, 9. Lucas Manion, 11. Jayden Buttler, 11. Lydia Ritchie, 11. Kenzie Perry.

340 Clone: 1. Owen Barr, 2. Colby King, 3. (tie) Devin Smith and Evan Shatto; 5. Daniel Burton; 6. J.J. Stainbrook; 7. Chad Lusby; 8. Keith Miller; 9. Robby Young; 10. Lane Miller; 11. (tie) Gene Wheeler and Chad Weeley; 13. (tie) Jared John, Jarret Shatto, Madisyn Garris and Chris Buchanon; 17. Jon Mahoney; 18. Brayden Taylor; 19. Colton Aldridge; 20. Cody Lawrence; 21. Cole Trinkle; 22. (tie) Isaac Johnson, Duane Hoagland, PJ Browder and Cameron Hicks.

380 Clone: 1. Colby King; 2. Devin Smith; 3. Chad Neeley; 4. Evan Shatto; 5. Robby Young; 6. Daniel Burton; 7. Wyat Barr; 8. Jared John; 9. Lane Miller; 10. Ryan Turner; 11. Isaac Johnson; 11. Zach Cowan; 13. Colton Aldridge; 14. Brayden Taylor; 14. Jarret Shatto; 15. Keith Miller; 16. Dean Williams; 16. Johnny Smith; 16. Cody Bower; 19. Gene Wheeler; 20. Kyle Thayer; 21. Colton Lucas; 21. Aaron Day; 21. Jason Crumrin; 21. Jerry Roberts; 21. Travis Wilburn; 21. T.J. Garris; 21. Samantha Michels; 21. Cody Lawrence.

420 Clone: 1.Travis Wilburn; 2. Bryce Foley; 3. (tie) Eric Rudicel and Dylan Cowan; 5. (tie) Kyle Wilkerson and T.J. Garris; 6. Landon Fletcher; 7. Zach Cowan; 8. (tie) Ryan Johnson and Jordan Less; 10. Jerry Roberts; 11. Tim Reed; 12. Bubba Trinkle; 13. John George; 14. Brent Warner; 15. Josh Reed.

Browder takes Columbus go-kart title

P.J. Browder of Columbus captured the clone 340 division of racing at Columbus Speedway Go-Kart Racing for the 2021 season. Sawyer Gray was second in the final point tally.

Eldora Million returns in 2022

Tony Stewart’s Eldora Speedway located in Rossburg, Ohio, and official livestream partner FloSports, a leader in sports streaming and original content, announced the return of The Eldora Million, one of the most legendary events in the history of the hallowed high-banked half-mile clay oval.

For just the second time ever — on June 9, 2022 — the blue-collar superstars of Dirt Late Model racing will compete for a winner’s purse of $1 million.

The Eldora Million will feature a full-program of heat races, last chance showdowns, and culminate with the $1,002,022-to-win Championship Feature. The initial seeding for the June 9 heat races will be set on June 8, via a program of tournament-style preliminary features.

The combination of two giant shows — The Eldora Million and the 28th running of the $128,000-to-win Dirt Late Model Dream on June 11 — in a span of four days, creates one of the richest open competition events in motorsports history with posted prize money already exceeding $1.9 million.

There will be more details in next week’s column.

This week in racing history

From 50 years ago in 1971, Kenny Simpson edged out Jim Curry on the final night of racing to win the Brownstown Speedway late model track championship.

From 1971, the 25th Street Fairgrounds Raceway in Columbus honored its track champions. Don Hobbs (V-8 late models), Tommy Day (V-6 stock cars), and Bob Kinser (sprint cars) were honored at the awards banquet at the Imperial House in Columbus.

From 1971, Bob Kinser was crowned the track champion at the Paragon Speedway.

From 40 years ago in 1981, Russ Petro (late models) and Troy Burton (modified street stocks) were named the track champions at Brownstown.

Also from 1981, Cliff Cockrum (sprints) and Kevin Claycomb (late models) took the track championships at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt.

From 30 years ago 1n 1991, Mike Jewell (late models), Scott Patman (street stocks), and Ray Hughes (bombers) were named track champions in their respective division at Brownstown.

Also from 1991, Kevin Briscoe captured the sprint car championship at the Bloomington Speedway.

From 30 years ago, Larry Bland captured the sprint car track title at the Lawrenceburg Speedway.

Also from 30 years ago in 1991, Todd Shields won the sprint car track championship at Paragon.

From 20 years ago in 2001, John Whitney captured the late model track championship at the Whitewater Valley Speedway in Liberty.