Lady Owls start basketball season Saturday

The four seniors on Seymour’s girls basketball roster have never won a sectional game, but they hope to change those fortunes for this upcoming season.

Eliza Cash, Kendrick Sterling, Grace Schrader and Kaylee Waskom are the Owls’ four seniors, and as the season gets set to begin tomorrow, they like what they see from Seymour’s team so far in practice.

“We still have a lot of work to do, but I think we’re making good steps to get where we want to be,” Schrader said.

Sterling said Seymour has a mix of outside shooters, but the Owls also have a lot of height.

Head coach Jason Longmeier hopes those two things can coincide with each other and make the team versatile.

“We’ve shot the ball pretty well in a lot of our practices,” Longmeier said. “It’s gonna work both ways. I think our shooting is gonna open up our post.”

Seymour is losing three starters from last season and are mixing in a lot of new, younger players into the rotation.

Waskom said Seymour’s quartet of seniors are really focused on leading by example this season.

“If we do it, they’ll see,” she said.

A good number of Seymour’s players are all coming from different sports from the fall. For example, Schrader and Cash were playing soccer, other girls were on the volleyball team, so Seymour hasn’t had a whole lot of preseason time to practice together.

The Owls aren’t quite where they want to be yet, but all four seniors nodded in unison when Schrader said they’re close and that they will get there.

“It takes time,” Longmeier said. “The first couple of games we’re gonna have to figure out who we are. Right now, our main goal is to be able to get them to compete.”

Throughout the early portion of the season, Longmeier said the Owls are going to heavily rely on Schrader and sophomore Kendall Sterling.

“Those are our two best players,” he said. “We can’t have games in which those two don’t play well. That puts a lot of pressure on them, but those two are able to carry that load.”

Seymour opens the season tomorrow with a game at Salem at 7:30 p.m.

Salem is currently ranked No. 6 in the Class 3A preseason polls, and Seymour’s second opponent of the season — Silver Creek on Nov. 12 — is ranked No. 2.

“We’re playing two of the best teams in the state of Indiana in 3A right off the bat,” Longmeier said. “It’s gonna give us a pretty good idea of what our strengths are and what our weaknesses are.”

The goal of playing a tough schedule is to make Seymour battle-tested throughout the season, especially come the postseason.

The quest for the senior’s first sectional victory starts Saturday, where the Owls hope to grow all season long.

“It fires us up,” Kendrick Sterling said of that being motivation.

“That’d be great to go out like that,” Waskom said.