Low-cost cat spay/neuter clinic coming up Sunday

The Big Fix of Jackson County is offering a low-cost cat spay/neuter clinic Sunday at the Carr Township Conservation Club, 7709 W. County Road 350S, Medora.

There will be 130 appointments available. Fill out the form online at pub.vet/where-well-be/ola/services/november-7-2021-jackson-county-in-cat-spay-neuter-clinic-check-in.

Check-in will start at 8:30 a.m. Sunday. All cats will be checked in and discharged to your vehicle. Do not get out of your car, as a staff member will check your cat in from your vehicle. You will be given a time to return to pick up your animal later that day before 7 p.m.. No cats will stay overnight.

It takes about one hour of your time, so plan on being there from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Pre-surgery, the cat should not have any food after 9 p.m. Saturday. Water is OK. If the cat is under 3 months old, it can have no more than 20 pieces of dry food the morning of the surgery.

On Sunday, bring the cat and two clean towels in a clean carrier. If you have more than one cat, they must be in separate carriers. No food, water or litter should be in the carrier. Cardboard carriers will be available for $10.

Feral cats must be in a live trap and confirmed feral by staff to qualify for subsidized spay/neuter service.

The cost of the surgery is $80 per cat, which includes a medical exam, all surgery costs (including pre-op and post-op pain medication), any essential services ordered by the attending surgeon and access to the surgeon by phone for three days after surgery.

Other services available at the clinic will include deworming (full spectrum) for $15, ear mite treatment for $10, cat vaccine FVRCP-LK for $30, testing for FELV/FIV for $30, cat flea treatment for $15 for a month or $30 for three months, one-year rabies vaccine for $10, microchip for $30 and feral cats in live traps for $40.

Cash or money order will be accepted as payment at check-in or discharge.

During The Big Fix of Jackson County’s last low-cost spay/neuter clinic in June, 115 county cats were fixed.