May God continue to bless this land

To the editor:

What a beautiful sight, Highway 50, the contractors and the men and women and that worked long and hot days to get this job done. They need to be congratulated for their hard work, would like to see this finished off with several 5- to 6-feet concrete flowerpots like downtown Columbus has, plus a large American flag in the center near Interstate 65.

We are so blessed to live in and near this city of Seymour and to live in the land of the United States of America.

We need to stop the liberal left from destroying our way of life, and we need to stand firm on keeping our tradition in place, like the Christian Nativity scene at the courthouse, keeping God and prayer in all of our schools and marriage between one man and one woman, respecting our police officers and all military, restoring and bringing back our statues that were taken down and the right to bear arms.

May God continue to bless this land.

Gene Emily, Seymour