Free women’s self-defense seminar coming up

Joe Baker, owner of Alpha Combat Training and Tactics in Scottsburg, and Angela Mattox Owens, a veteran law enforcement officer with the Columbus Police Department, plan to present a free women’s self-defense seminar.

It’s set for 8 a.m. to noon Saturday and is for women and teenage girls at Alpha Combat Training and Tactics, 4109 S. Underwood Road, Scottsburg.

“Participants can expect a PowerPoint presentation, realistic domestic violence and sexual assault scenarios, vehicle attack training, child abduction awareness and fitness drills to help combat such incidents,” Baker said.

The event is being held in coordination with National Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.

“Mattox and I are both teaming up with both of our backgrounds in law enforcement self-defense training and combatives,” Baker said. “Prevention awareness, testimonials and self-defense training is needed to help women combat these incidents and most of all gain mental toughness and confidence to overcome mentally.”

He said the overall goal of this seminar is to train women and young adolescent females to overcome those scenarios physically, mentally and emotionally.

Baker’s many years of law enforcement and kickboxing, boxing and multiple fitness and self-defense certifications have allowed him to develop a fight fitness program that will help the victim mentally, physically and emotionally overcome the variables that go along with combative situations.

“Women need to be trained and rewired mentally and physically to know how to combat the endless cycles of domestic violence and become independent once again,” Baker said.

He said Alpha Combat originated in 2014 as a public gym and now is private and designed to focus on each of his clients individually as opposed to large group classes.

Baker started off doing personal training and has trained people throughout his life. He wanted it to be a unique gym, so he taught women’s cardio boxing.

The women Baker was training at the time wanted a women’s-only trainer because they didn’t feel comfortable around guys.

“At Alpha Combat Training and Tactics, all training is private one-on-one for the client’s safety, and all classes are based on each client’s availability,” Baker said. “I have a set price per training session, yet if one can’t afford my rate, then I will work with such individuals to make it cost affordable.”

He currently is training approximately 60 women per week from all surrounding counties, and some travel from Kentucky.

“All my clients are trained privately unless in small groups. My expertise is training females in self-defense, cardio boxing, strength training and core, yet I do train some MMA fighters in efforts to prep them for upcoming fights,” Baker said. “I offer personal strength and conditioning training to all athletes.”

His secondary focus is cardio boxing and kickboxing. He said if trained properly, an individual can lose an exceptional amount of weight while gaining muscle in a short amount of time.

Baker hoped to have a location open in Seymour this summer since much of his clientele is from Jackson County, but he has yet to find a location for the right price.

“I have built Alpha Combat to where it is now debt-free, out of pocket, yet it’s just getting to that next level financially before I can land in Seymour,” he said. “The Seymour location will be my main headquarters if I can find a building within my budget.”

Baker said he is just trying to take a small budget and make this business grow into something bigger that will benefit and aid many women and young teenage girls.

“I have a servant’s heart and desire to help as many women as possible combat these everyday incidents,” he said. “I am their voice and encouragement to help train their minds, heart, hands and feet — nothing more.”