We all have a passion for something.

Beautiful, well-established and prosperous seeking someone who is interested in experiencing life together. Before I finish this thought though, let me share some of my week.

At a recent council meeting, the 2022 budget was introduced and passed first reading. This comes after months of preparing the budget. Checking and double checking to make sure the salary ordinance aligns with the budget as well as deciding which requests are approved and which budget requests can’t be funded at this time.

While I would love to allow all additions, this is one of those places my conservative side makes an appearance each year, and we try to find spots to support addition with subtractions in other areas with a goal of reaching a truly balanced budget. Another goal that I have been working on since I started was reaching 180 days of cash on hand so that we don’t have to borrow from Water Pollution Control until the next tax payment is received from the state. I am proud to say both of these goals are within sight, and we should be able to reach them over the next few years.

The completion of city hall renovations also is getting closer every day. Some material shortages are causing a few delays, but we should be back into our normal location sooner than later. The updates to HVAC and lighting alone should help save money in the long run. It was a nice switch to walk through after a day of heavy rain and not discover new leaks and ceiling tiles that need replacing. Thanks to Mark with Harmon Construction for all his work on our punch list items as this project nears completion.

Recently, the group that worked on Vision 2025 set out to update the document and see what was still relevant and what might need to be removed. A small group of caring community members sat down over a working lunch to start this process.

In 2015, the Tribune ran an article that quoted Talmadge Reasoner with, “We don’t want this plan to have a similar fate of the plans which are collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. The grassroots foundation and action plan are what make Vision 2025 different.”

This is where you come in. Reach out to Tonya Couch or Nate Otte if you want to help Vision 2025 have legs and continue to move forward. Some of the items from the original plan have been accomplished. The Farmer’s Market is thriving, we have more music in our community, downtown is back on its feet. All of these items were mentioned in the original document, but they didn’t happen without someone stepping in and helping see them to where they are now. Get involved.

Back to that beautiful, well-established and prosperous seeking someone who is interested in experiencing life together.

No, I am not trying to write a line for a singles ad. I am talking about our community.

Seymour has many beautiful qualities. We are overall a prosperous community.

What many boards and committees, such as Vision 2025; the Oktoberfest Board; just about every non-profit board; and even just as simple as the parents clubs or boosters, need are those citizens who want to experience life together.

We all have a passion for something. I encourage you to think about your passions and find a place for you to get involved and help our community to march boldly into the directions of our dreams.

What if you are the key to that first step for a better tomorrow and you don’t get involved?

Today, I hope this quote from Albert Schweitzer helps lead you to seek your destiny. “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.”