Moderate earthquake jolts sparsely-populated, southern Iran

TEHRAN, Iran — A magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck a sparsely populated area in the southern part of Iran on Sunday, state television reported.

Four rescue teams were deployed to the district of Khesht, a farming area of about 15,000 people, some 720 kilometers (some 450 miles) south of the capital Tehran, according to the report.

It said 10 aftershocks jolted the area, the biggest a magnitude 3.9.

There were no further details on possible damages or casualties.

The epicenter was located some 90 kilometers (55 miles) northeast of Iran’s sole Iran’s nuclear power plant in the port of Bushehr. Authorities say it was built to withstand powerful quakes. and has been periodically shaken by temblors.

Iran lies on major seismic faults and experiences one earthquake a day on average.

In 2003, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake flattened the historic city of Bam, killing 26,000 people. A magnitude 7 earthquake that struck western Iran in 2017 killed more than 600 people and injured more than 9,000.