Letter: Letter to the editor Nancy Bishop

To the editor:

If you have not had the COVID vaccine and have no medical reason not to have it, please consider this: Most every one of us was vaccinated for smallpox as a child.

This eliminated smallpox around the world. It was a dreaded and terrible disease about 100 years ago. Most everyone 70 and younger has had a polio vaccination and because of that research and the public’s acceptance of it, polio is no longer a threat in the U S. And then there are measles, whooping cough, tetanus given routinely to babies. Flu and pneumonia have been made less contagious by mass vaccination.

The way to eliminate COVID is for as many people as possible to be vaccinated.

The illness is much worse than one or two small shots in your upper arm. Don’t depend on others to protect you, do your part to protect everyone else and eliminate this disease from the world.

I am grateful for the quick development of the vaccine and that it is being offered to us at no cost. Please remind your family and friends that smallpox and polio were terrible diseases that we no longer need to fear and COVID can be eliminated, too. 

Nancy Bishop, Brownstown