Letter: Time to turn down biased rhetoric

To the editor:

I was enjoying my birthday today, until I ran across the comment article by Richard Moss. I was extremely disappointed to see such a biased vitriolic bunch of rhetoric appear in my hometown newspaper.

I was really hoping that the political temperature would be turned down after the divisive norm of the last administration.

Although a registered Democrat, I take a balanced approach. I actually have met personally with Governor Holcomb, and even get Christmas cards from him. I voted for him as well in the last election. If our country is hell-bent on living in the extremes, I really do not see a path forward to successfully govern this great nation. Congressional gridlock and executive orders by the White House is not a sustainable model.

I wish Dr Moss would stay out of Georgia politics and pay more attention to what he is saying. Why does it seem smart to make it illegal to hand out water bottles and pizza to people left in long lines to vote, then shorten hours at the polling places just to exacerbate things even more?

I can agree with ensuring proper identification, but not making it more difficult for working people to cast ballots. If these kind of things predominately affect minority voters, it is hard to defend against the backlash that has ensued.

I have worked with Dr Moss professionally in Washington Indiana. Knowing who he is, this article does not surprise me a bit. 

You, as a community newspaper, I wish would be more selective than to take abrasive personal opinion articles from individuals from outside our readership area. You are better than this.

Dave Proffer, Seymour