Saving for the future

Now I didn’t have the luxury of being a Boy Scout, but I have always been prepared.

For instance, when the double French cuff shirts come back in style, I’ll have cuff links. I have a box full. And ties, I have one for all occasions. I have my Santa tie, my American flag tie, my horse tie (the one I’ll wear if I ever get to the Kentucky Derby) and of course, my St. Patrick’s Day tie.

I also have tie tacks and tie bars to wear with them. All I must do is to wait for the right occasion. Oh yes, I have my white dinner jacket when the next gala occurs. And I will be ready for the next line dancing party because I have my boots, big belt buckle and bolo ready to scoot.

My problem is I didn’t save what I should have. Sometimes, I watch "Antique Roadshow" and I say to myself “I had one of those.” How much did he say? How many thousands? And the boys on "American Pickers" paying hundreds for some old rusty stuff. Something I threw away because it had a bullet hole in it.

At least I didn’t do like this story. Seems this person had a hole in the sole of his shoe, so he inserted a Babe Ruth baseball card in his shoe. Today, it could be worth several million if it were the right one. So it goes. Anyway, I might have done something, but mine might be on the plus side.

Years ago, my granddaughter gave a program while in elementary school on President Eisenhower. She started saving things about him. As a good grandpa, I started saving Eisenhower silver dollars and on her 16th birthday gave her 16 of them. I notice on the internet that the right ones could bring over $15,000. Hummm … I’m sure she didn’t spend them on something worth $16. I’ll check.

When we lived out on Ewing Street where I had room for stuff, I saved everything. You never know when you will need that box or that piece of string. But when we moved to the condo, I had to get rid of some of my most precious things. What do you mean I have to sell my woodworking stuff in the basement? What if I need to build a shelf or something?

Well, it turns out I haven’t missed most of it. Seems I don’t need to repair things anymore. I haven’t needed to build a shelf. I did keep the basic tools just in case a screwdriver is needed. My kids bought me a new electric drill, and I have hung some pictures.

There are all sorts of saving plans for your old age. It’s a good idea because it is nice to have something to enjoy when you get there. And if and when you get there, make sure you enjoy it.

Sadly, my parents saved all of their lives but never enjoyed any of it.

My goal is to not leave any behind. Sorry, kids, your mom and dad spent your inheritance.

By the way, I would like to thank everyone who sent cards, emails, texts, phone calls and in person wishing me a 90th birthday.

I had a blast! Oh yes, I’ll save all of the cards.

Don Hill is a resident of Seymour and has served as a volunteer at Southern Indiana Center for the Arts for more than a quarter of a century. Send comments to [email protected].