Letter: Taking on a new role

To the editor:

I am many things: Father, husband, writer, photographer, editor.

But recently, I take on new role: Burnt-trash removal specialist.

You see, there’s a park behind the building in which my family and I reside. Its theme is “Cars and Guitars.”

Many neighborhood children, as well as my own and myself and my wife, enjoy the park quite often so graciously provided to us by, I assume, Jackson County or the city of Seymour. Thank you for that.

I’ve found inspiration for poetry and photography in this park, some of which will likely be published in literary mediums.

There’s a grouping of trees nearest to my backdoor. It serves as my serene zone. Today, however, there’s a big bag of burnt trash among the falling leaves. There are some unburned clothes, possibly some sharp pieces of metal. It will all be covered with leaves soon, and the children won’t be able see it.

I’m about to take it upon myself to clean it up. I hope that whomever did this reads this and will think twice about making our park unsafe and not as beautiful as it normally is.

James Eric Watkins, Seymour