Mayor seeking public’s opinion on Seymour

Mayor Matt Nicholson knows people have opinions, good and bad, about Seymour.

Now, he is giving everyone the opportunity to let him and other city leaders know what they really think.

Through an online survey, the mayor is seeking feedback from people on how they feel about a wide variety of issues and topics related to the city, including housing, jobs, entertainment, dining, transportation, arts and culture, education, business climate, health care and more.

Some questions ask for a ranking from 1 to 5, and others let the participant choose multiple answers. There also are demographic questions.

In just a few days, Nicholson said he already has received nearly 300 responses.

“We regularly collect data about Seymour on roads, sewers, parks, public safety runs and the list goes on and on,” Nicholson said. “This survey is to help collect public opinion on different topics around the community.”

Nicholson said he got the idea for the survey from Rushville, which conducts a similar one every few years.

“This will be our baseline year with 2022 being the next time we do the survey to see how Seymour is trending,” he added.

The Mayor’s Youth Council has been involved with developing the survey and Nicholson hopes youth in the community will take the time to answer the questions as he is interested in their opinions too.

“They are definitely a part of this process,” he said.

Survey participants do not have to live in Seymour to provide feedback, as information from county residents, former Seymour residents and people who work in the city also is valuable, Nicholson said.

The survey responses will help gauge where public interest lies so city officials have an idea what areas people support and what areas may need improvement, he added.

With the bonds for the police station paying off in 2021, Nicholson said the city will need to embark on another large project to replace that debt and keep the tax rate stable.

Although the survey does not ask what specific projects people want to see completed, responses will help city leaders determine areas on which to focus their attention, Nicholson said.

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Seymour Mayor Matt Nicholson is seeking public feedback on Seymour through an online survey.

To participate, go to