Red Sky Rescue expresses immediate need for donations

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put Red Sky Rescue in jeopardy of closing its doors.

In a post Wednesday on its Facebook page, Ruth Riley, who runs the nonprofit dog shelter in Medora, made a plea to the faithful followers to make donations through and send to [email protected].

Any amount would make an impact, Riley said.

"Yes, we do receive some funding from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department because we agree to take and shelter the abandoned dogs found wandering in the rural areas of our community," she wrote. "But this monthly stipend from the county is no longer adequate to provide basic care to the dogs who find their way to our shelter."

Riley said she has always depended on the passionate members of the community to make up the difference between what the county pays Red Sky Rescue and what it really costs to continue to provide simple, basic care to the rescued dogs.

"This past month of August 2020, once we paid REMC for our previous month’s electric usage, paid Jackson County Water for our water usage (laundry and cleaning kennels), monthly costs for our internet and telephone service and our veterinarian, there was nearly nothing left in our bank account," Riley wrote.

Unexpected costs continue to come up, too. That includes repairs, maintenance and fuel for the transport van; repairs of the washer, dryer, refrigerator and other appliances wearing out; purchasing basic supplies used daily; simple yard work, such as mowing and trimming to keep the facility looking inviting to visitors; flea, tick and heartworm products to keep the population healthy and adoptable; and more.

Last week, Riley said she received a dog that hasn’t been reclaimed and desperately needs surgery to repair eye inflammation and needs to be neutered so he can be offered for adoption.

"Ozzie has a condition of his eyes called cherry eye. It’s an abnormality of the third layer of eyelids in some breeds and something that can’t be predicted or prevented," Riley said. "Poor Ozzie cannot be adopted until we fix his cherry eyes and neuter him so that he cannot father offspring. This is non-negotiable."

She also had to take a young pup to an animal hospital because of a potentially deadly virus that occurs in puppies that have not been vaccinated at the appropriate age.

"Our doctor is doing everything she can to save Millie’s life, and of course, this is an unexpected and extra expense we are facing," Riley said. "Prayers are needed to ask for a miracle for little Millie."

Later Wednesday, she said Millie made it through the night and came through a plasma transfusion but is still very sick.

"Thank you to all who have donated so far," Riley said in a comment on the post. "You cannot imagine how grateful we are for each and every one of you. We will be sending out individual thank-yous very soon."

Riley also advised people to not make donations through Red Sky Rescue’s Facebook page because she wouldn’t receive the donation for at least a month.

"We cannot wait that long," she said. "Please donate via PayPal so your donation can go to work immediately to help us keep our doors open for homeless dogs in our community."

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To make a donation to Red Sky Rescue, visit and send to [email protected] or mail a check payable to Red Sky Rescue to 8305 W. County Road 150N, Medora, IN 47260.