Moving forward requires the work of all

Several years ago, I was told by a community leader that a city is either moving forward or it is moving backwards. There is no standing still.

I have always kept this in mind when making decisions. Enjoy some of the happenings from last week before I finish this thought.

We use a two-part process when selecting a firm for the different pieces of projects. A little over a month ago, we reviewed proposals for O’Brien Street phases 2 and 3. This week, we sat down for interviews with the firms of the top three proposals.

While sitting in with the selection committee, I saw how much different people bring to the table. Maintenance of traffic questions, drainage, impact on area residents and so much more are taken into consideration even in such an early phase of the project.

My weekly visit with a department was with planning and zoning. I got a chance to get an early look at a hotel remodel that is getting very close to a final inspection and being ready for full use. I also had a chance to sit in on the first meeting to answer some zoning questions for an upcoming expansion. Thank you to those who are choosing to invest in Seymour.

Shortly after my time with planning and zoning, I participated in a walk-through for Burkhart Plaza. This is a chance for the city, inspection firm and construction company to identify issues and have them addressed before control is turned over to the city. It was also a chance to try out the different features.

The wavy seats on the hilltop are more comfortable than I thought and were cooler on a 90-degree day than I expected. The swings are relaxing, and the musical features will be fun for all.

Look for the ribbon cutting at 11 a.m. July 16, but until then, enjoy the new park and a reason to spend some time in downtown Seymour.

Moving forward can’t be achieved by just one person. Thank you, citizens, for voting me in and giving me a chance to lead, but I don’t do it alone.

I have surrounded myself with department heads who strengthen my weaknesses and even sometimes rein in my enthusiasm. As a team, we work together to keep that forward motion a community needs. Each department has a team that keeps their piece of the puzzle going forward. None of us can do it alone.

Let’s not forget the legislative side. We have the members of city council who help to make sure we have what we need to make the day-to-day happen. Does their role require as much time as some others? No, but it is just as important.

Don’t forget that you selected Clerk-Treasurer Darrin Boas to work alongside all of us. We are the faces of Seymour, but it is you the citizens that help us along the way.

Often, when I am sent an email, left a voicemail or tagged in a social media post, I will forward it on to the proper person on the team to deal with it quickly. This isn’t so I can get out of dealing with it. It is because I am in a position to know who can get the quickest results. I believe team members are most productive when they are given a chance to perform and prove themselves.

Along the same lines, I realize none of us are perfect, and I believe they deserve a chance to learn from a mistake and get better for the next time. Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Six months ago, we came together; going forward, we will continue progress by staying together; and with your help, Seymour will succeed as we work together for a brighter tomorrow. Ask questions, give suggestions and don’t forget to encourage others along the way.