To Mask or Not to Mask…Why is it even a question?


Wearing masks has seemed to become a point of contention with the American people. But why?

Wearing. Masks. Saves. Lives. Period.

They may not offer 100% protection from COVID-19 to either the wearer or those around them, but they do mitigate the risk of the wearer passing on an infection to others. My mask protects you. Your mask protects me.

What a mask is not?

A political statement. COVID-19 doesn’t care what your politics are. It is just as dangerous to Democrats, Independents, Republicans and anyone else who chooses not to take the recommended precautions.

An infringement on your personal liberty. COVID-19 doesn’t care about your personal liberty either.

100% effective. Not even an N-95 medical grade mask is 100% effective. But a mask, any mask, covering the mouth and nose, reduces the spread of viral material from respiratory droplets. A mask, when combined with social distancing, becomes a very effective tool to protect both the wearer and those around them, approaching that 100% effectiveness.

What a mask is ??

Part of the solution for reducing the spread of COVID-19, along with social distancing, and frequent hand washing/sanitizing.

Mitigation. A mask can reduce the spread of respiratory droplets from 8+ ft. (no mask) down to 1–3 inches (cone or pleated style masks). Masks make a real difference!

Responsible. By wearing a mask you protect those around you, as well as yourself.

Necessary. By wearing a mask you reduce the spread of COVID-19. How? You lower the number of infected patients. This reduces the number of patients seeking medical treatment which in turn reduces the exposure and risk to our medical and emergency personnel. It also reduces the number of patients requiring hospitalization and life-saving resources like ICU beds and ventilators. We cannot allow our hospitals to be overwhelmed or people may die who could otherwise have been saved. Help prevent needless death!

A simple tool with amazing power.

A choice that tells everyone around you that you want to be part of the solution.

You can be a hero! You don’t need any super powers. You need only make a choice. Choose to wear a mask. Protect your family, friends, community, doctors, nurses, first responders and those most vulnerable in our society.

Who do you wear your mask for? #MaskUpHoosiers #INthistogether

Don’t trust the media or politicians? Educate yourself! Knowledge is power! Get the most recent information on COVID-19 at these resources:


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Angela Collins, a lifelong residence of Seymour and proud Hoosier, graduated from Indiana University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry, Indiana University 1992.

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