County unemployment up 20% from last year

Jackson County’s unemployment rate was up around 20% in April from the same month a year ago.

In April of 2019, the unemployment rate stood at 2.3%, with 213 residents unemployed out of a work force of 22,659. In April of this year, the unemployment rate reached 22.3%. There were 5,185 county residents who reported being unemployment, from a work force of 23,280.

The Indiana State Department of Health announced Tuesday that 373 additional Hoosiers have been diagnosed with COVID-19 through testing at ISDH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and private laboratories.

That brings the total number of Hoosiers known to have the novel coronavirus to 32,078 following corrections to the previous day’s total.

A total of 367 Jackson County residents have tested positive for the virus, an increase of six from Monday’s total.

Intensive care unit and ventilator capacity remains steady. Around 40% of ICU beds and more than 82% of ventilators were available as of Tuesday.

A total of 1,850 Hoosiers have been confirmed to have died of COVID-19, an increase of 18 from Monday. The death of one Jackson County resident has been listed as related to COVID-19.

To date, 230,749 tests have been reported to ISDH, up from 226,198 on Monday. This includes 1,700 Jackson County residents tested to date.

Per 10,000 residents, 384.3 Jackson County residents have been tested.

Also, there have been 83 positive cases per 10,000 residents, and the fatality rate is 0.2 per 10,000.