Jackson County at-large council candidate Brett Turner

Why do you feel you are more qualified for this position than your counterparts?

My life experiences will allow me to bring a good measure of overall perspective to the council. I’ve been fortunate in having been exposed to Jackson County residents representing all stages of life through my lifetime work in Jackson County as a police officer, a paramedic and currently as the operations manager at Brownstown Electric. I have always made a point to consider all avenues before making decisions (in both my personal life and my career) and then make the best choice that will benefit the whole. I feel that this mindset is what will propel Jackson County toward a better future overall. In the past, I’ve been in partnerships in two small businesses, which has led me to understand the needs and wants of those who run such enterprises, and in my present position at Brownstown Electric, I interact with huge corporations on a daily basis.

Are there any county services that need to be improved, adapted or eliminated?

I’ve always felt that any entity can be improved, but all facets concerning that entity must be considered — cost to the taxpayer and impact among our communities being foremost considerations. As a member of the Jackson County Council, I would have access to the knowledge required to suggest improvements, adaptions or eliminations concerning any county service. I look forward to acquiring that knowledge.

How do you plan to make yourself more accessible to the public for comments if elected?

As always, I will continue to stay tuned in to countywide issues so that I can have the gist of general thoughts and feelings. In addition, I will have an email account and social media access to those who may want to voice an opinion. If an opportunity arises to attend town hall-type conversations, I will welcome that, as well. Overall, as anyone who knows me can attest to, I’ve never been difficult to locate and have always been willing to listen and consider others’ views. I have no plans to change that.

What would you say to voters and taxpayers who feel as though their tax dollars are not being used to their maximum potential?

My first question back to that taxpayer would be centered toward specifics. On what piece of the whole are your dollars being wasted? I will listen to those concerns and respond accordingly, either with a proposed change to remedy the waste or an explanation as to why tax money is being spent in the present manner.

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Name: Brett Turner

Age: 56

Residence: Crothersville

Occupation: Previously an emergency medical technician paramedic and police officer; currently a manager at Brownstown Electric Supply Co. Inc.

Family: Married for 35 years to Beverly Turner, elementary school principal in Austin. Also has two daughters, Emily Turner (who is an assistant elementary school principal in Wayne Township in Indianapolis) and Shelby Mays (who is a cosmetologist in Scottsburg). Also has three grandchildren ages 4 to 10.