Jackson County at-large council candidate Tom Joray

(Editor’s note: Due to an error, two of the five candidate questionnaires for the Jackson County at large seats in the June 2 primary were in inadvertently left out of the print edition of Saturday’s Tribune. All five will appear in Monday’s edition of The Tribune.)

Why do you feel you are more qualified for this position than your counterparts?

I understand county government very well. I was a county commissioner from 2013 to 2016. I always made sound and responsible decisions while serving as commissioner. I served on the board of trustees for Schneck Medical Center from 2013 to 2016. I have also served on the county board of planning and zoning, solid waste district, fair board and drainage board. For eight years, I was the county bridge superintendent. Serving on these boards and working for the county have given me a tremendous amount of experience. I am well qualified to serve as your county councilman.

Are there any county services that need to be improved, adapted or eliminated?

I think we can all agree there is overspending in federal, state and local government. County services should always be reviewed and decisions made on the importance of each one. There is always room for improvements.

How do you plan to make yourself more accessible to the public for comments if elected?

I am very approachable and will listen to your concerns. The public is always welcome to contact me by email, phone or sending me a text message. I will always be available to the taxpayers of this county.

What would you say to voters and taxpayers who feel as though their tax dollars are not being used to their maximum potential?

I would say, “They are right.” Their tax dollars are not being used to their maximum potential. As your county councilman, I will make educated and common sense decisions. Managing the taxpayers’ money is a huge responsibility. I will work tirelessly and give taxpayers the very best value for their hard-earned money. I believe in small government, and I am a firm believer in saying “no” to spending money that isn’t necessary or feasible.