Brownstown Town Council reappoints school board trustee

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It’s unanimous: Scott Shade will serve on the Brownstown Central Community School Corp. board of trustees for another four years.

During a recent Brownstown Town Council meeting, President Gregg Goshorn said Shade was the only person to submit a letter of interest for the council’s appointment to the board.

His term expires June 30, and the deadline to submit a letter of interest was May 1. Since he was the only person to do so, the council decided to proceed with a vote, which passed.

Shade initially joined the board in 2013 after being appointed by the council to fill the spot left open by the death of longtime board member Jack Montgomery. Then he was one of two applicants in 2016 and was appointed by the council.

The council has one other appointment to the school board, while the other five members are appointed by township trustees.

“I am honored to be chosen to represent Brownstown for another term,” said Shade, 54, who is president of the board.

“These are unpredictable times, and I believe my experiences can help the school corporation move forward in a positive and safe way,” he said. “I also want the town members and council to know that I am always available to address concerns, ideas and to even pass along praise of the good efforts of the staff and schools.”

Shade said he wanted to serve another term so he could do his part to help the corporation, staff and students grow and succeed.

“Our schools have a lifelong impact to children and young adults, and it is important that we are financially and structurally sound,” he said. “I also enjoy working with our administration to ensure our security, technology, professional development and a clean, healthy environment are in place. Plus, our current board members have their hearts in the right place and truly care about the students and the corporation’s success.”

During his time on the board, Shade said his main objective has been to ensure the corporation has dynamic plans to support administration and staff regarding security, technology and professional development.

“Our current superintendent, Tim Taylor, has a strong technology and professional development background that will provide the teachers and administrators more opportunities to grow,” he said. “This leads to more efficient, new and updated teaching methods for students.”

He said the team of Taylor and Assistant Superintendent Jade Peters are hard to beat as far as effort and knowledge to move the corporation forward in a positive direction.

Plus, he likes working with the other school board members.

“We may have some healthy disagreements, but our intentions are the same — the students and staff’s best interests,” Shade said.

“I have enjoyed working with the people and being involved in the education environment,” he said. “I also enjoy the responsibility of being a board member that represents the people of our town.”

Moving forward with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Shade said it will be important to fully understand what regulations, rules and actions will be in place to get school started on time in August while ensuring student and staff safety.

He also would like to see continued growth of technology usage and a focus on curriculum that will prepare college-bound students and those who enter the workforce.

“Brownstown currently has excellent programs and leaders in this area,” Shade said.

Finally, he wants to see continued positive use of social media to promote the schools and accomplishments of staff and students.