Place trust, faith, hope, confidence in Jesus

For the past few weeks, our focus has been on hope. Hope has seemed to be in short supply. And the truth is our world is in desperate need of hope right now.

But where can hope be found? Where can we find a consistent anchor that will hold us steady when the storms of life blow in?

In Second Thessalonians, we read, “The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you…” I want you to know God has not forgotten you. He has promised to protect you. He will take care of you. God knows where you are. He knows what you are going through today, and you can trust him.

When your hope is anchored to God, you can claim his promises. This is where people sometimes get tripped up. I often hear people say God has promised something that he never promised.

For instance, some people think if they can muster up enough faith, God will always heal them. They are convinced God has promised they will always be healthy and wealthy.

The truth is God never promised us a trouble-free existence or a perfect life. In fact, Jesus assured us in this world/life, we will have trouble. We will face hardship. You can count on it.

But the good news is we never face our hardships alone. God has promised to be with us to the very end. Jesus told us how the story would end in John 16:33: “In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

When our hope is anchored in God, we can be confident our story does not end with the chapters that are written on this earth. This world is not the end. When our life is anchored to God, we learn to live life from a different perspective.

Believers should have a different outlook than the world. That doesn’t mean we always understand everything that happens. It doesn’t mean we think we have all of the answers. It doesn’t mean we never face hurt or disappointment. It doesn’t mean we won’t have some doubts and questions along the way.

Life does look different when you place your trust, your faith, your hope and your confidence in Jesus. The decision to anchor your life in him is a true game-changer.

That is why I want to point you to him as the one who will be a solid anchor for your life. He is the only one strong enough to hold you steady, no matter what life brings your way.

Steve Greene is the lead pastor of The Point in Seymour. Read his blog at or email him at [email protected]. Send comments to [email protected].