Medora man pulls knife during arrest

A Jackson County man who pulled a knife on officers during a routine traffic stop early Sunday morning faces at least four criminal charges, police report. 

John W. Newman, 21, of Medora was arrested on preliminary charges of resisting law enforcement with a deadly weapon, a Level 6 felony; possession of methamphetamine, a Level 6 felony; and misdemeanor charges of possession of paraphernalia and violation of local travel advisory designations after the incident reported at 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

According to a news release from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, the incident that led to Newman’s arrest began when county officers Billy Dishman and Aaron Wilkins pulled him over after they noticed the vehicle he was driving had an expired license plate.

Newman told police he was driving without insurance and had not had time to update the plates, police said.

Newman was patted down to check for weapons, and while that was happening, he retrieved a knife from his pocket and stepped away from Wilkins, who was performing the search.

Wilkins, however, was able to secure Newman’s arm and place him in handcuffs. Officers then discovered methamphetamine and paraphernalia on Newman. When asked what he was doing out at that time of day, Newman said he was at a friend’s house but could not name the friend.

Newman was booked into the Jackson County Jail in Brownstown at 4:42 a.m. and is being held without bond.

A Level 6 felony carries a sentence of six months to two and a half years in jail with an advisory sentence of one year if convicted.