Anchor your hope in God

In times of uncertainty, we must keep our focus on God. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen automatically. Our hearts and minds can easily drift to some unhealthy places.

We need to learn to recalibrate our minds. We need to make sure our hearts are in alignment with God. It is like finding true north on the compass again. It is kind of like rebooting your phone or computer.

Sometimes, my computer gets sluggish. I have a tendency to get so many programs running and so many files open that the computer will slow down or stop working. At that point, I just have to stop, close out of everything and reboot.

We often need a mental, emotional or even spiritual reboot. We all need time each day and each week to get rid of the clutter and to realign or refocus our attention on God.

People have a tendency to anchor their hope to so many things in life that are unstable. Some people place their hope in their wealth or material possessions. But wealth can disappear so quickly.

Some hope in their health. When your health is good and you are feeling strong, you feel like you can conquer the world. But health can disappear overnight.

Some people place their hope in a certain relationship. But what happens if the other person happens to die or walk out of your life?

Many have placed their hope in a job or career only to have the rug yanked from under them when the company is downsized or forced to shut down.

We need to be sure we have an anchor that is strong enough to hold us steady when the storms of life blow in.

We have been facing a storm called COVID-19. It is a storm that is unlike anything our world has ever seen, and it is a storm that is affecting every single one of us on some level.

In the midst of the storm, we need something to hold onto, or better said, we need someone who can hold onto us. We need an anchor.

I’m convinced that God is the only one who can hold us steady regardless of what comes our way in life. He alone is our life-saving, life-giving anchor. When our hope is anchored in him, we are never alone.

You may feel isolated and alone at times, but you are never truly alone. He promised to be with us. In Hebrews 13:5, we read this promise: “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

God is with you. He is for you. He will never leave you or forsake you. That is the truth of his Word. When your hope is anchored to God, he has promised that he will take care of you.

Steve Greene is the lead pastor of The Point in Seymour. Read his blog at or email him at [email protected]. Send comments to [email protected].