The media’s macabre COVID-19 dance

In reporting daily to the media and public, President Donald Trump recently had the audacity to speak in hopeful terms about a drug treatment for coronavirus that has shown promise.

That is literally all he did but apparently it was enough to set off his critics among the liberal Democrats and liberal Democrat media. (It is overdue to apply that compound modifier to the ultra-partisan yellow journalism in today’s U.S.)

Trump’s innocent remark was only days ago, but since then the American left, especially the media, has engaged in a rabid campaign against the referenced medicine (hydroxychloroquine) even though they have no real basis for such a reaction. That is, the drug’s medical efficacy — which many physicians all over the world have been endorsing because of safe use — is clearly an issue beyond the technical competence of the mainstream media establishment.

This suggests an ulterior motive for them. What could it be? The possibilities:

1.) Maybe the liberal mainstream media is honorably motivated, for once. Perhaps they sincerely believe — without apparent justification — that the drug is too dangerous and would do more harm than good. But if driven by genuine, humane concern, surely even the most lightweight media stars would have noticed the contemporary reports about hydroxychloroquine’s relief of coronavirus along with absence of serious side-effects. They have seen news of the same favorable clinical results the rest of us have. The media (or real doctors) could argue insufficient medical cost-benefit ratio, but the danger-to-health hysteria is not supported by evidence. Moreover, the coronavirus-hydroxychloroquine issue is in or near “right-to-try” and “nothing to lose” territory, so there is little realistic downside for prescribing the treatment — as verified by physician behavior. An honorable media hypothesis therefore does not add up, is internally incoherent and can be discounted.

2.) The liberal Democrat media could possibly be afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome so severely that they can no longer think straight. Although conceivable, even the angriest CNN and MSNBC celebs or the ones with lowest SAT scores should sense, by instinct if nothing else, the non-viability of their jihad against hydroxychloroquine.

Even lower life forms can tell when they are too far out on a limb, as the lib-Dem media are on hydroxychloroquine. That is, even the media’s reptilian-type collective brain can discern a threat to self-preservation.

What if the drug works? What if it works as well as it appears to be working? That outcome would leave the lib-Dem media humiliated with the meager remnants of their credibility in shambles.

Too risky, therefore not a good bet, so an unlikely answer because the lefty media’s actions are contrary to their own self-interest — with perception of that interest such a low bar that even media hacks can meet it.

3.) Recognizing the cognitive capacity of any sentient human, even mainstream media organisms can see and hear the numerous reports of hydroxychloroquine success, as stipulated.

Yet they still advocate desperately against its use, with obvious morbid and mortal potential consequences.

The liberal mainstream media is, frankly, trying to scare Americans into not using or allowing the use of hydroxychloroquine treatment. (New York Governor Cuomo has even restricted its use in his state.) They pursue this gambit despite the corresponding lethal implications.

Although the danger of judging motives in discourse is well-established and noted, therefore only adduced as a last resort, we may be at a juncture when such a judgment is indicated, by process of elimination.

The lib-Dem media can perceive the recklessness of their practice of medicine without a license. Even now the balance of extant evidence is cautiously in support of hydroxychloroquine — based on mass medical use, not this observer’s unqualified opinion.

The media know full well that scaring people away from using an effective medical treatment can cause fatal casualties.

That, apparently, is their intention because they aggressively perpetrate the cynical scare tactics nevertheless.

Perhaps they despise Trump so much that they relish the prospect of more American coronavirus fatalities, just to damage the President. The liberal Democrat media are playing politics, deadly politics, with a national emergency.

Severe criticism, yes, but still mild compared to the way the left groundlessly calls Donald Trump a mass murderer. Recall how the lib-Dems regularly accuse their opponents of what they, themselves, are doing (e.g., collusion with Russia) — and now they accuse Mr. Trump of wanting to kill people. Logical analysis points in the opposite direction.

Politics is everything to the lib-Dems because big government is everything to them. Their sordid, grisly conduct during the current phase of the coronavirus crisis seems to align with that maxim, and also confirms the worst suspicions about their nature. It is past time to call them on it.

John F. Gaski, Ph.D., an adjunct scholar of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, is associate professor, at the Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, specializing in social and political power and conflict. Dr. Gaski is a long-time registered Democrat, and long-time registered Republican — intermittently, not simultaneously or sequentially. A version of this essay appeared in the April 16 American Thinker. Send comments to [email protected].