It’s OK to be upset about events

(Portland) Commercial Review

The high school population, especially seniors, have been posting on social media about their concerns about missing sports seasons, prom and graduation because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The response to these concerns is often dismissive. It goes something like, “Really? You’re concerned about a dance when lives are at stake?”

Of course, there’s some truth to that. The games, dances and graduations are not life or death.

But when you’re a teenager, those things are extremely important.

So, we’re here to tell the high schoolers, it’s OK.

It’s OK to be upset your sports season got canceled.

It’s OK to be disappointed your prom won’t go on as planned.

It’s OK to be frustrated you might not get the first-week-of-June graduation ceremony that is tradition.

Just because bigger things are going on in the world, things we can’t control, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel the emotions that naturally arise when things you were looking forward to suddenly disappear.

So, feel what you feel. It’s OK.

At the same time, understand that the adults in your lives are thinking about you. They’re thinking about the things you’re worried about — sports seasons, prom and graduation.

Right now, there’s nothing they can do about them.

But, at some point — it might take a while — the coronavirus pandemic is going to pass. We’ll be able to gather in groups again. Life will start to get back to normal.

When that happens, there will be an effort to give you the events that are currently being swept aside, if it is at all possible. It might mean prom in July or a graduation ceremony that involves online elements, only time will tell.

Just know that you’re not forgotten. We’re thinking about you. We want you to have all of the quintessential high school experiences. We understand.

And in the meantime, remember, it’s going to be OK.

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