What I’ve learned about Jackson County sports

Monday marked my fourth week covering sports in Jackson County and it feels like it’s gone by pretty quickly.

Last week was the first full-fledged week for fall sports and it kept me busy just about every day. I spent a lot of time at Seymour High School and that won’t always be the case. I plan to get out to Brownstown Central, Crothersville, Trinity Lutheran and Medora soon.

Anyway, here’s what I learned about Jackson County sports:

Call the venue by its name

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This was brought to my attention to a couple of weeks ago after I covered the Seymour football purple and white scrimmage. Longtime Jackson County scribe Arv Koontz told me the various names of different football stadiums and gyms after I failed to refer to Bulleit Stadium by its name. 

I had a relapse on Saturday when I went to the Lloyd E. Scott Gymnasium for the first time to see the Owls’ volleyball team and simply referred to the largest high school gym in the country as "The Seymour gym."

It won’t happen again.

Dominating volleyball teams

I wrote my introductory column a few weeks back and mentioned some of the state-caliber teams I used to cover. Well, if the results keeping coming through like they have lately, I may cover at least three this November. 

Sure, it’s only been a week but some of the scores I’ve seen come through have been absolutely astounding. 

One of the results I saw on Saturday came from two lopsided wins by Brownstown Central over Mid-Southern Conference opponents. In one match, they gave up just nine points. 

I’ve never seen anything quite that dominant. 

I’m looking forward to seeing the Braves, as well as Trinity Lutheran and Seymour on Saturday at the Brownstown Central Invite. 

Vastly different football Friday nights

I had John Regruth’s story on Brownstown Central’s demolition of Corydon Central in my inbox by 9:42 p.m. last Friday. I was still in the middle of Seymour’s fourth-quarter comeback when I was making sure the Braves’ story was making it into the paper.

Former sports editor Jordan Morey was feeding me updates about how the Braves were doing while I sweated out deadline after the Owls’ dramatic win to open the season. I expected Brownstown Central to beat Corydon Central pretty handily but I didn’t expect it to be that quick. I don’t know what to expect this Friday when Brownstown Central travels to Charlestown and Seymour heads to Jeffersonville but if it’s anything like last week, it’ll be a ton of fun. 

I’m already looking forward to the end of September when the two teams meet at Seymour.

Cross Country kids are tough

I’ve kind of already known this to be fact but after witnessing the Seymour and Brownstown Central runners slog their way through the mud and muck at last Thursday’s Seymour Invite, I had it reaffirmed. 

As a whole, cross country runners are a different breed. I know I couldn’t suffer through any sort of distance running not to mention the warm up and cool down runs afterwards. I’ve got a lot of respect for cross country runners and what they endure for their sport.

I’m a little disappointed there was only one home meet this season but I’m looking forward to the next time I get to see the teams in, hopefully, better conditions.