Invest in relationships that matter most to you

Unfortunately, our tendency sometimes is to fight with or against the people and things that matter most in our lives.

Instead of fighting with them, what if we could rewrite the script and begin fighting for the people and the things that matter most?

All of us have important relationships in our lives that need to be strengthened. What if we could learn to consistently apply biblical principles to these real-life relationships?

Who is the most important person in your life? Think about the difference it would make in this relationship if this person was truly the No. 1 person in your life.

One of the ways we communicate how important a person is to us is by how much time we spend together. Make sure you spend time together investing in the relationships that matter most to you. Work to know and understand one another.

If you are married, your spouse is not just one of many priorities in your life, apart from God, they are to be the priority in your life. They deserve your first and your best.

They should be the closest and most important person, no matter what happens. Marriage just works best when your spouse is your priority. That is the way God designed it.

We must fight to keep our spouse first. Otherwise, so many other things, even important things, can subtly crowd them out of first place. For instance, if you aren’t careful, your job can end up becoming your priority.

Once children enter the picture, it is easy for them to take over first place. It just seems like it takes every minute of every day to care for them. There’s really not much time left for anyone or anything else.

In scenarios like these, our spouse gets the leftovers of our time, attention, energy and affection. There are certainly seasons in life where we are forced to direct our attention to other priorities for a short period of time, but we must keep fighting if we are going to keep the most important relationships in life in their proper place.

My wife and I have been married 36 years this summer. It is not always easy. We have had our share of ups and downs, but we’re still fighting. We’re fighting to make each other the most important person in our lives.

Apart from our relationship with God, our relationship with each other is the most important of all. And what we have is certainly worth fighting for.

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