Athletes of the 4-H fair: Jackson Nay

Name: Jackson Nay

Grade: Senior

School: Seymour

Sport: golf

Number: of years involved in 4-H: 9

Activities involved in at the fair: shooting sports and junior leaders

Q: How do you balance your sports and 4-H responsibilities?

A: “I look at the upcoming week to know what school work I need to work ahead on. If have a meeting, I am able to practice and the 4-H meeting. That way my homework will be done as that makes for a long day (12 hours) and I won’t need to stay up late for homework.”

Q: What is your typical schedule like during the summer when it comes to 4-H and sports? What is an average day like?

A: “Since golf season ends for boys in early June. It does not affect my summer schedule. But, during the school year, I may have to miss a practice due to a meeting for 4-H. I may also have to miss a meeting for a match.”

Q: Why are you involved in both 4-H and athletics?

A: “I enjoy both. I enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community with 4-H as well as the competitiveness of the 4-H fair projects. I enjoy sports because of the competitiveness and being able to socialize while getting exercise.”

Q: What is something you’ve learned from 4-H that translates to your sport, or vice versa?

A: “4-H has taught me a lot about time management, as it is tough to juggle sports, 4-H, and homework throughout the school year. Every summer, I only have so many days to get my project done and ready in time for the fair. 4-H has also taught me about friendly competition as everyone strives for Grand Champion, but I am always happy for the one who has won the top prizes for many times I have only gotten a Blue Ribbon.”

Q: Why would you encourage someone in 4-H to also participate in athletics?

A: “I would encourage everyone in 4-H to play at least one sport. I feel not only does it help you to meet more friends, but most people thrive on being busy. If you are busy, you are more active and more organized because you have to be more social (can anyone ever gave enough friends?) which all leads to being happier and healthier.”