Sewing guild to meet at Bartholomew County REMC

The American Sewing Guild neighborhood group plans to meet from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Aug. 3 at Bartholomew County REMC, 169 Deaver Road, Columbus.

Each monthly meeting focuses on learning a new sewing or creative skill or group sewing on our philanthropic sewing projects.

This month, group members will learn about binding a quilt by machine. This will be a hands-on session, so bring a machine, sewing supplies and a simple practice quilt. There will be handouts for everyone.

If you are not on the group’s email list, you may request a copy of the materials list by emailing Marilyn at [email protected]. Feel free to come and use the session as a demonstration time if you would rather not participate in the hands-on portion.

Sewing enthusiasts of all ages and skills are welcome.